Maluma underwent surgery

O Maluma surprised his fans when he uploaded a photo of himself from inside the hospital. In his message he revealed that he will again undergo surgery, for which his millions of followers are sending him wishes for a speedy recovery.

Vocalist is one of the most important representatives of Latin music worldwide. “Finally good, all good. I have already had a minor operation on the same knee but with your prayers and good energy I am sure everything will be fine. I love you and wish you the best of luck.” he snapped at his message.

In the snap, the 28-year-old artist wears a blue robe, hat and mask and is lying in a hospital bed. However, he was cheerful and smiling.

In 2019, Juan Luis Londoño Arias, as the singer’s real name is, had to undergo preventive knee surgery due to torn ligaments, his representative said at the time. Following this, the Colombian artist shared his recovery process with his followers as he was seen using crutches for a period.

So far, neither Maluma nor his representative have explained what the recovery process will be like or if it will affect the last dates of the “Papi Juancho” tour, which still has two concerts left in the month of September in the United States and Peru .

Who is the Latin pop star who had… bras thrown at him on stage?
The Colombian superstar Malumagave a big concert on Friday, March 18, at the OAKA Indoor Basketball Court, rousing his Greek fans.

Juan Luis London Arias, as his real name is, is one of the hottest Latin singers and is among the most successful artists worldwide, making one hit after another.

The bright star of the Latin-pop scene was included last year among the most successful artists worldwide with a personal album that climbed to the top of the charts, a collaboration with The Weeknd, an EP with 7 songs and 7 hot video clips, and of course his film collaboration with Jennifer Lopez in her latest film, titled ‘Marry me’.

Maluma was born in 1994 in Colombia and started his music career in 2010. His song “Farandulera” immediately became a huge hit on the radio. Soon after, he was invited by Sony Music to record his first album.

In 2012, the “Magic“, with the video garnering more than 185 million views on YouTube. In the same year, Maluma was nominated for a best new artist award, while the following year, the song “La Temperatura” reached number seven in the charts.

The successful artist has so far released five albums, while on social media he gathers millions of followers. The mere mention of his name in an advertisement brings the artist tens of thousands of dollars.

So when it was announced that the world star would be coming to Athens, the public gave him a warm welcome, worshiping him and he gave unrepeatable musical moments with his “explosive” show.

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Some fans even, from their great enthusiasm, they were throwing their bras on the stage. Maluma seemed to enjoy it as he picked them up from the stage and slung them over his shoulder.

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THE Helen Foureira opened the star’s concert and prepared the audience for the rousing night. Although the cold was bitter, Eleni Foureira was “fire” through the transparent and crystal-filled creation of Selia Krithariotis. which he chose to take the stage.

The singer presented a unique dance routine, singing some of her hits such as “Aeraki”, “Try Me”, “El Ritmo Psicodélico”, “Fuego”, “To Theo Me Paei”, “Caramela” and “Ti Koitas” , as well as foreign hits such as “What Is Love” and “Like A Prayer”.

Here are some comments on Greek Twitter about the concert

Watch video: Maluma: Who is the Latin pop star who had bras thrown at him on stage

Maluma: Who is the Latin pop star who had... bras thrown at him on stage?

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