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He was dead for 20 minutes and he recounted what it was like: “I saw myself from above” (video)

It was published 03/09/2022 09:28

One of the great questions of humanity that will remain unanswered for quite some time concerns what comes after death. A guy in the USA, however, claims to have the answer, as he was dead for 20 minutes and two years ago told “Prioritise Your Life” about his experience.

So in the 60s, Scott Drummond dislocated his thumb while skiing and had to undergo surgery, which as you can easily understand was one of those we call “routine”. A mistake by a nurse, however, almost cost him his life, as it concerned the flow of blood. In fact for 20 minutes he was dead, with the doctors trying to revive him.

As he said, he remembers feeling something in his hand and suddenly being higher than his body, looking down at the operating table. “I watched every stitch they put in my thumb,” he said characteristically, emphasizing that at one point he felt a presence next to him that he assumed was God.
“I remember so vividly that I either didn’t look behind me or was told not to look behind me and the next thing I was in a field. The one who was with me earlier, he was next to me, but I couldn’t see him…,” he said characteristically and continued: “I looked to the left and there were some great big trees. I remember they were unusual trees, they had a long trunk with leaves on top. To my right were wildflowers that reached up to my waist. The next thing I remember was that the one who was with me was gone. Now I was alone, but it was very quiet.”

But somewhere there, a hand appeared that pulled him, telling him “it’s not your time yet, you have a lot to do” and he was on the operating table again. That’s when Scott Drummond realized that “my life had to get better.”


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