Car accident for the trapper – Hospitalized out of danger (Video)

The trapper Trannos was involved in a traffic accident in Voula, as it became known in the early hours of Saturday morning (03/09), and was injured when he was taken to a hospital for precautionary reasons.

Specifically, according to related publication of the local website, three cars were involved in the traffic accident, including the trapper’s jeep. In fact, fire brigades, police and ambulances rushed to the scene.

However, according to the first data, firefighters extricated the injured who were taken by ambulances, while there is no information on their health status. Earlier, on the occasion of Mad Clip’s annual memorial service, many of his fans speed past the spot where he was killed, playing his songs loudly.

Also, a partner of the trapper, with his post on Instagram, informed that Trannos is not in any danger and will be hospitalized in a private hospital for preventive reasons. Naturally, the trapper’s scheduled appearances are cancelled.

Photo source: Instagram • omle.west

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