The price of heating oil is on the rise

The price of heating oil is on the rise
The price of heating oil is on the rise

“At least for as long as this global energy crisis lasts, let the Excise Tax on heating oil be reduced”, requested the president of the Greek Petrol Dealers’ Federation, Michalis Kiousis, who, speaking yesterday on the First Program, estimated that if starting from September 1st the available, the price would be disproportionately high, at 1.70 euros per liter.

“There must be a way out. Europe turned out to be too “small” and unprepared. In Greece, we must find immediate solutions, before it is too late. We must not wait for winter to come. We see that with today’s data heating oil will start at a price of 1.70 euros, a price that is prohibitive. There are no outlets for other cheaper energy products.
Natural gas is more expensive, electricity is even more expensive, so we have to find a solution”, he underlined, explaining the reasons for sending a relevant mission to the prime minister, from the Federation.
“The relevant ministries under the prime minister must immediately think so that oil is more accessible to the consumer. It is a social good, not a luxury item to be overtaxed. The lower the price, the higher the consumption and the higher the public revenue,” added Mr.
Kyousis, expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the fuel pass allowances.
In the meantime, the government is working on switching households from heating with sources that consume electricity (air conditioning, electric stoves, halogen, etc.) to heating with oil.
The plan envisages as an incentive the provision of cheaper oil to those who express interest, so that there is also a parallel reduction in the consumption of electrical energy.
It concerns approximately 1.5 million households that will choose oil as a means of heating, instead of air conditioning. At the same time, a system of incentives and subsidies is being planned for 700 thousand households that only have a natural gas boiler.
This idea seems to be seriously evaluated in the government staff as the heating oil is predicted to be significantly cheaper in terms of the price involved.
Representatives of the gas station owners estimate that with the market data of the last few days, heating oil will premiere in mid-October with a price close to 1.70 euros per liter. That’s how much he had reached about the middle of last season setting family budgets on fire.
On the contrary, the project of managing the cost of heating 700,000 households with natural gas brings together great difficulties. Last year’s scheme of subsidies (20 euros from the state and 20 from DEPA) this year is considered insufficient to cover the problem when prices range between 250 and 300 euros, if not exceed them.
However, the decisions are close to the final stage, as reported by SKAI, which presented the issue. The announcements are expected to be included in the announcement package of the TIF through the mouth of the prime minister.

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