Where to go today: 6 suggestions for theater and concerts for the weekend of September 3-4

1. The Dream of a Laughter, directed by Efis Birba at the Thanasis Vengos Amphitheater

With the most optimistic and insightful text of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “The Dream of a Laughter”, this time Efi Birba and Aris Servetalis tackled it and they present it tonight at the Thanasis Vegos Amphitheater in Korydallos. It is an idiosyncratic hilarotragedy, a fantastic narrative – a masterpiece of the Russian teacher of human psychology, which takes us through the history of humanity, from the pre-emptive state of innocence to the absolute humiliation of human nature. The ridiculous man makes us shareholders of the story and characters of the short story, we become spectators and characters of the play at the same time. Aris Servetalis, under the guidance of Efis Birba, guides us through the world of Dostoevsky’s Laughter, leading us into the depths of his thoughts, between real and imaginary, truth and illusion, visible and invisible, comic and tragic, ridiculousness and madness. The show attempts to explore the impasse of human nature whose materials are the same as those of dreams…
Saturday 3/09, 21:00
Amphitheater Than. Vengos – Korydallos, Attica

2. Mamma mia!: The award-winning musical, directed by Themida Marcellou at the CT Garden Festival

The multi-award winning musical, ‘Mamma mia!’, which has been loved by millions of viewers around the world, for the show itself, but also for its beloved songs and has been recognized worldwide as the most entertaining feel good musical of all time, is back his performances, with text, lyrics and direction by Themida Marcellou, at the CT Garden Festival.

In Catherine Johnson’s sunny, happy and touching story set on a paradisiacal Greek island, Donna’s daughter Sophia is about to get married and needs to discover her father’s unknown identity… By secretly reading her mother’s youthful diary , she realizes that she has 3 possible fathers whom she invites to her wedding to find out who is the real one… The continuation of the story is exciting and episodic, flooded with the songs and music of ABBA.
Saturday 3/09, 21:00
City garden Theater – Galatsi, Attica

3. Aias by Sophocles, directed by Argyris Xafis at the Old Olive Oil Mill of Elefsina

Sophocles’ emblematic “Aedas”, directed by Argyris Xafis, is presented at the Old Olive Mill of Elefsina, in a performance that highlights the head-on collision of two opposing worlds. Aias, one of the most charming tragic heroes dies and with him dies an entire era for humanity. Sophocles records in Aedas a liminal moment in human history. The moment when a new world emerges and an old one collapses, noisily dragging the old heroes and their ideals into the abyss. Recognizing at the core of Sophocles’ masterpiece a deep reflection on the concept of time, its upheavals and reversals, Argyris Xafis experiments dramaturgically and theatrically with its qualities. Without entrances and exits, with all the actors on stage in a frozen stage landscape in the middle of summer, the direction is inspired by the very state of mind of the central character to talk about an end of an era but also about the otherworldly and relentless nature itself next year.
Sunday 4/09, 20:30
Old Olive Mill of Elefsina, Beach of Elefsina

4. Iphigenia in Avlidis, directed by Themis Moumoulidis at the Municipal Theater of Ilioupoli “Dimitris Kintis”

Euripides’ tragedy, “Iphigenia in Avlidis”, continues its dynamic course with a series of performances in Attica. On Sunday, September 4, we will have the opportunity to enjoy it at the Municipal Theater of Ilioupoli “Dimitris Kintis”. Ready for the great campaign against Troy, the huge war machine of the Greeks is anchored in the Court, waiting for fair winds to blow. And, while the wait wears them out, the seer Calchus foretells that if they are to set sail, the commander-in-chief Agamemnon must sacrifice his daughter, Iphigenia. Faced with the horrible dilemma, torn between paternal love and duty to country, Agamemnon finally succumbs to “necessity” and decides to sacrifice his child. But is that the case?
Sunday 4/09, 21:00
Ilioupoli Municipal Theater “Dimitris Kintis” – Ilioupoli, Attica

5. The Chóres together with Savina Giannatou at the Papagou Garden Theatre

The female choir CHÓRES under the artistic direction of Marina Satti, and Savina Giannatou will meet at the Papagou Garden Theater, as part of the Papagou – Cholargou Municipality Festival for a unique concert, presenting the musical works “Apenanti” and “Perasmata”. “Passages” are an anthology of works from songs that became research material and “overturned” in the hands of a younger generation of composers, especially for this musical performance, by Grigoris Eleftheriou, Yiannis Maramathas, Filippo Sakayan and Gary Salomon. Afterwards, CHÓRES will present the musical performance “Opposite”, with music and lyrics by Antonis Apergis, which starts from the spatio-temporal context of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. Their musical testimonies provide inspiration, energize creative dialogue, strengthen courage and offer comfort to all who have traveled and are traveling to find a new homeland.
Saturday 3/09, 21:00
Papagou Garden Theater, Kortsas (6th stop Papagou), Papagou

6. Standing Proud Forever: Concert-tribute to the great musician Yiannis Spathas at Herodeion

On the occasion of the completion of three years since the death of Yiannis Spathas, a concert dedicated to the great musician and founding member of Socrates Drank the Conium will be held in Irodeion, with the participation of Vassilis Lekkas and Nikos Spathas. Giannis Spathas was the greatest electric six-string conductor in Greece. It is no coincidence that the iconic rocker of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister, and so many other of the world’s most important guitarists bowed to his talent. The leaders of the prog rock movement, the British band Yes, asked him to play in their band, and he was offered contracts by international record companies, including Virgin and Warner. The concert concerns the compositional work of Yiannis Spathas, focusing on the two most characteristic stages of his career, on the one hand the founding and shaping of the sound of Socrates Drank the Conium, and on the other hand the later imprint of his discography with Vassilis Lekkas, the only singer, with which Giannis Spathas recorded 3 complete albums, after the breakup of the group, but also during their reunion.
Sunday 4/09, 21:00
Herod Atticus Conservatory, Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens

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