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The rape of reason and dignity

No one apparently expects the Church to accept abortions. In fact, at the moment when it was announced that a sermon against abortion will be read in the country’s churches on September 8, the day on which the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. It is against its Creeds, what the Christian religion stands for and its Word. From this until we reach the point, either from the pulpit or from television, where rape becomes “acceptable”, it is a long way from obscurity. The decision of the Holy Synod to give sermons in the churches against abortion is retrograde, obscurantist and out of step with the challenges of the times, especially after the decision in the US Supreme Court.

Someone round up the preachers of obscurantism

It is an abrogation of logic and an affront to human dignity. And unfortunately, such actions are capable of adding fuel to the fire and bringing to the surface the “monsters” that the Church also hides. Views like those of Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni on abortions, on women, on rapes, cloud the image of the Church which has taken important steps to give equal status to women. Perhaps a small hope in all this blackness was the disapproval of Chrysostom’s statements by the Holy Synod.

The three secrets that the Turks hide about the S-300

There is a well-kept secret in NATO regarding the S-300 that the Turks (ie Erdogan, Çavuşoğlu and Akar) are studiously avoiding sharing with their people. In 1998, when it was decided to transfer the S-300 from Troodos in Cyprus to Crete, NATO was primarily informed. The member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance unanimously decided that this anti-aircraft-anti-missile system can be transferred to Crete. And do you know what is the “secret” that the Turks hide?. Whatever NATO decisions are taken by unanimity, a country does not agree, then, with the veto it can submit, no decision is taken. So when in 1998 NATO decided that the S-300s are going well in Crete, Turkey also agreed (as a member of NATO). There was then no objection to NATO or any asterisk. He had also mediated for them to come to Crete and the American then Deputy Foreign Minister Holburg.

But there is also a second secret that the Turks hide from their citizens. When the first (and only) shot from the S-300 was fired 24 years ago in Crete, the then General Michalis Costarakos invited all the defense followers of the NATO member countries serving in our country to watch it. The Turkish military attaché also went to Crete then, who watched the shooting, was impressed by it, but at the same time… he was afraid. So he asked that the S-300 stay in Crete (it’s Ok – he said), but not to see the Aegean.

Then (and here is the third secret that the Turks are hiding) the American military attaché intervened, who after making an agreement with Washington, declared that Greece has the right to place its defense systems wherever it wants. If you have noticed, yesterday’s statement by the State Department that there is no risk of sanctions for the S-300 anti-missile system located in Crete makes it clear against the background of the now daily Turkish provocations on this issue. And let Akar be the “pilot” and fly a fighter in the Aegean, but the slap he received from Washington was resounding, it was also heard from the other side of the Aegean. But while Mr. Akar was cruising in a two-seater F-16 in the Aegean, there were 51 violations of the national airspace (47 by the UAV and 4 by the fighters).

However, a top military source, here at the Ministry of National Defense, told me that Turkey is the agitator in the region. Turkey is the one that provokes and that it is not possible to take a country seriously, when it “celebrates” 600 years since the invasion of the City. Let the Turks admit in this way that the City did not belong to them and that they occupied it, through violence and weapons, by invasion, just as they did in Northern Cyprus, which they now want to make an independent state.

When evening falls on the Acropolis with the 21,000 visitors

There is a new visitor record set on the last day of August at the Acropolis. Over 21,000 visitors and think that we are heading towards autumn. On average, throughout the summer until today, the daily visitors to the Acropolis were 18,000. But even at 6.30 on a Thursday afternoon (ie near sunset) there was a throng of tourists at the Acropolis.

So much so that he forced the Minister of Culture Lina Mendonis to visit her and find out for herself exactly what is happening. What she found, according to data shown to her, is that every day around 200 people use the Acropolis slope lifts. These are people with special needs who, perhaps, if there were no elevators, would not be able to visit and admire the Holy Rock. In addition, dozens of young couples use the elevators, carrying their small children in strollers almost every day. So among the visitors to the Acropolis there are also its Lilliputian admirers. Lucky kids, you might say, since from childhood they had the opportunity to visit and see the Acropolis up close.

We can do without the Russians

At the same time, Athens finds that the tourist traffic has reached this year and will exceed the levels of 2019, without the Russian and Ukrainian tourists and that this summer we did not burn without the help of the beastly Russian Beriev firefighting aircraft and other Russian aerial firefighting means. Of course, the summer is not over, but if the situation goes like this, it seems that we have escaped the worst. After all, as the Prime Minister said at the August Cabinet, “the summer luckily continues to be extremely promising for our tourism, but also for our exports and for public revenues”. And this despite the fact that the war in Ukraine has already completed six months and Russia is now attacking Europe as a whole with the weapon of natural gas.

Lagarde is back in Cyprus

I don’t know if this happened again. However, twice a year the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, visits Cyprus. The first was last March, following the invitation of the governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, Constantinos Herodotou, and he had even declared that “Cyprus is at the core of Europe and is an important player in the EU and the Eurozone”. On October 5, she goes to Cyprus again, but this time not alone. It goes with the entire ECB Board. That is, on that day Cyprus will be filled with central bankers. But what makes the ECB’s iron lady visit Cyprus? They tell me the special respect he has for the Cypriot central banker Mr. Herodotus.

The displeasure of the Israeli Council for the vice-president of the Supreme Court

The Central Israeli Council expresses its strong displeasure as well as the displeasure of Greek Jewry for the appointment of Marianthi Pagouteli to the position of Vice President of the Supreme Court. Appointment by which the recommendation of the Minister of Justice was ratified at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers. Mrs. Pagouteli had voted in the minority in the court of first instance in favor of the acquittal of Constantinos Pleuris during the well-known trial for his anti-Semitic book “Jews, the whole truth”.

He had even drawn up an extensive reasoning of 32 pages, justifying the anti-Semitic views of K. Pleuris. The Central Jewish Council of Greece, with its announcement, expresses the strong dissatisfaction of Greek Jewry for the placement at the top of the Judiciary of a person who will not be able to defend the declared position of the Greek State against anti-Semitism, and indeed as the Vice President of the Supreme Court of the country us. The announcement concludes: “We are sure that the Greek Justice will guard the values ​​of the Republic against the followers of intolerance and anti-Semitism.”

Who wants to be called… a millionaire

We almost missed a fight in the Parliament about who is… a millionaire. At the time when everyone’s attention was focused on the wiretapping and the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee, Adonis Georgiadis, in the discussion about the Elefsina shipyard, came into sharp confrontation with MeRA25 MP Cleon Georgiadis. (I should note that the two had precedents from earlier fights in the Parliament). The occasion this time was the criticism of Adonis Georgiadis against the Member of Parliament of MeRA25 whom he called a hypocrite, since as a millionaire he cannot understand what hunger means and how he is insincere about his supposed interest in the fate of the workers of the Elefsina Shipyards.

The Minister of Development and Investments pointed out to the MP of MeRA25 that the workers of the Neorio Syros Shipyards before the consolidation plan, came and asked for loans to pay the electricity bills to get through Christmas.

Taking the floor, Kleon Grigoriadis denied that he is a millionaire and argued that he was never concerned with becoming rich because he has other values ​​in his life. In response, Mr. Georgiadis challenged the MP of MeRA25 to exchange his property with a worker of the Neorio Syros Shipyards, saying that he is a hypocrite of the Left. Even to exchange properties the two were said.

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