Chronometers… By Stella Basdra –

Chronometers… By Stella Basdra –
Chronometers… By Stella Basdra –

Attached and attached, untied and bound, supervised and independent, happy Autumn!

After a Summer full of government successes, such as all kinds of passes that are like “where are you going, Karamitros…”, don’t ask me who is Karamitros today…, the huge profits from Tourism that were counterbalanced by another two thousand souls lost by the pandemic in the summer in a country where the new souls are counted in human fingers and not centipedes, the exchanges of visits of Karamitros as we were saying, with Saudi princes who only know of Greece is Mykonos, with ashes left behind by fires because we have final plans…, and finally to put an end, with a scandal that takes us so far back that it is not written nor spoken…especially on the phones, mobile and landline, so after a Theros that only – like every Theros -, Cupid saved the world, here we are again!

The pencils after such a long period of immobility have taken hold of the papers and smudge them in a frenzy, the four-legged supervisor of all of us around here is tired and full as always he is looking around indifferently, from outside the noises of the city, honking, gassing, fierce voices, – the return is difficult …and even more difficult to stay uninterrupted…, the dust enters the house from everywhere and how to close the windows so that the first breeze stays in… Difficult day the first day when thoughts after so long have to become words and stories, which have known and unknown recipients, it is difficult to get out of my mind only noise that on the first day of vacation drove me crazy in the morning and then I looked forward to it like a happy awakening.

So I will write it, because with stories the pencils calm down. The noise was coming from the megaphone of an itinerant greengrocer, I was never curious enough to go out and see him so I wouldn’t lose my hearing… So he was shouting, “tomato-tomato, potato-potato-melon-melon” and the same thing at the same tempo , every morning the same charmed perhaps by the rhyme he made, well done man made my day I hope he had a good day’s work. The pencils have gone quiet and I’m running because the timer is ticking. What what timer? Don’t you set a timer when you cook?

As carelessly as before, you put the fillings in the oven and wait for the water to be saved and the oil to remain? So sweetly casually waiting for the passes to save you-us? Forget what you knew-we knew-, because the elites preceded the new crisis, energy crisis put it down, food crisis put it down, as you put it put it down and as the elites they succeeded in one thing: to teach us to forget what we knew, that baked goods are expensive , that cannibalism is good for the pocket, that baths with salt bubbles and the like are now only for Cleopatras and those around them, that anyone who doesn’t have even a sterile vagina should go find out why he won’t give everyone a blanket the leader of the Aristocrats, after all, these endless things that we knew to forget and the delicious things to forget and the conversations on the phones, the endless, the cunning, the cussous, the vivacious, to forget them says… Who says? I don’t know, I don’t know what you’re saying, what are you saying and other things like that that make you break the timer and tell the stuffing to cook for as many hours as you set…

I’m coming from the city and my pencils are singing at the top of the cinnamon…well, they’re right, I went to close the oven and spent the night…put a full stop, they’re calling me, it’s night, an earthquake is coming!
Midnight and put a lot of it and the pencils as always are right.

The eight-story beastly house is shaking because the washing machines that work with the night program of PPC or whatever they call it are coordinated… and there is actually an earthquake!

September timidly and sweetly started his journey…same, same, as always…the world is different and so are we… That’s it for tonight, it’s good to see each other…to share…!!!


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