Astrology: The signs today, Saturday, September 3

Astrology: The signs today, Saturday, September 3
Astrology: The signs today, Saturday, September 3

Today’s astrological predictions.


The planetary setting brings tensions and important arguments, either with members of your family or with a friendly person. It will be a clash of megatons that can cause a break in relations. In your career, effort and hard work are important factors, but you must also know where you are leading your career. Set goals and follow a steady course.


You are not at your best and you are characterized by pessimism. Do your best and the good news will not be long in coming. Just don’t stand idly by. You are smart and creative! Make proper use of the gifts of the Universe so that you can have an upward trajectory, for the benefit of you and your loved ones.


The day lends itself to joy and festivities! It is an ideal day to organize a celebration or throw a party and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as well as the attention of others. A pleasant family event will give you joy! Rejoice with the joy of others and reprogram the actions yourself, so that you will have the desired results in the future.


You become advantageous today and you will get into big trouble. Stretch yourself as far as it will take you and don’t take on more obligations than you can handle or you will be exposed. Some turbulence will be recorded in your personal or professional life and it is a good opportunity to put your diplomatic talent into motion to calm passions.


You feel that after a lot of effort you have managed to find yourself where you want to be. Your relationships of all kinds are harmonious and success is sweet. Keep up your efforts and the future is smiling at you. You have deservedly earned the successes presented lately, as they are the result of your hard work over time. But it would not be right to be proud…


Tensions and arguments create a less than pleasant environment, both on a friendly and professional level. Keep calm, because through tension solutions cannot be born. Don’t get consumed by the small and insignificant things of your everyday life. Rejuvenate mentally or refresh your space by doing some visual interventions to feel better and distract yourself.


Your spontaneity can cause you headaches, since you will unintentionally cause communication problems with those around you. It is possible that in a family gathering things will not develop as expected and something or someone will irritate you. Try not to spoil everyone else’s night too…


Delays and obstacles will be encountered, which will put your nervous system on edge! Try to stay focused on your goals and everything will be fine. The intense rhythm of your everyday life has not only exhausted you but has also clouded your judgement, with the consequence that you are at risk of making wrong decisions. Time to relax a bit…


You tend to trust easily and without a second thought people around you who you don’t know well. But a wrong move can create problems for you in the future… You would like to make some changes in your life, but be careful not to do something just for the sake of doing it, but to take you one step further. And to achieve this requires serious thought and preparation.


Calmness characterizes you today and a disposition to reconcile with those around you and the situations that occur. Let go of the negative feelings you have about others and forgive them to move forward… Some minor health problems may bother you, but it’s nothing really important. Protect your body a little more with rest and good food.


You have a lot of creative energy and it’s the ideal day to deal with matters that are taking time. But in your haste you risk making wrong moves. You can find success in your new business endeavor or the new job you are starting, as long as you manage to get your stubbornness under control…


You should be flexible, as some extraordinary event can throw your schedule up and down. Do not get irritated and adapt to the data of the moment. For those in love or engaged, today is a very beautiful day, as the planetary setting favors romantic escapes and outings.

By Alinda Kanaki

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