SYRIZA: If Mitsotakis believed the opinion polls, he would have called elections

SYRIZA: If Mitsotakis believed the opinion polls, he would have called elections
SYRIZA: If Mitsotakis believed the opinion polls, he would have called elections

As reported in official opposition“this proverb, which refers to the mafia omerta, seems to have been in mind by the former general secretary of the prime minister, Grigoris Dimitriadis, and the former commander of the EYP, Panagiotis Kontoleon, since with the encouragement of the ND MPs who participate in the The Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament – with the exception of Kostas Tzavaras – did not speak, invoking confidentiality.”

In this context, the official opposition speaks of a “shameless attempt to cover up the scandal by the Mitsotakis sub-state, noting that at the meeting of the Parliament’s Committee on Institutions and Transparency, from the position of Dimitriadis-Kontoleontos, it was confirmed that the prime minister’s close associates and, consequently, possibly they themselves cannot afford to avoid the political cost.”

“They shoulder it through ridiculous and illegal methods, such as the invocation of secrecy within the very Institutions Committee that controls the EYP from the Constitution, just to avoid what they really fear, their possible criminal responsibilities. With the illegal, according to the most competent Mr. Rammos of the ADAE, the former commanders of the EYP, Dravila and Roubatis, a series of constitutional experts and even Kostas Karamanlis, Mr. Mitsotakis gave another confirmation of the regime’s policy of, de facto abolishing the very operation of the Committee”, argue associates of Alexis Tsipras.

According to the same sources, the admission of the new EYP commander, Themistocles Demiristhat he has informed Mr. Mitsotakis about the legal connections, refutes with a wave both the protection shield that Mr. Kontoleon tried to set up and, above all, the prime minister himself who claimed a week ago that he does not know and it is not his job to knows who the EYP is monitoring.

That is why in Koumoundourou they call the president of the ParliamentKostas Tasoulaafter the relevant initiative by Tsipras to the FSA during the week, to request which MPs and MEPs want their phones checked in order to send them to the FSA so that it can be checked whether and how many, not who, are officially monitored by the FSA.

Otherwise, he will be branded an accomplice and accomplice by the entire ND.

For its part, SYRIZA-PS will continue to press for answers to the basic questions:

  • “Who and for what reason gave the order to monitor Androulakis-Koukakis.
  • How many and which other political figures are being monitored.
  • What is the relationship of the Mitsotakis government with companies that sell malicious software like Predator”.

At the same time, the associates of the official opposition leader observe that the economy reinforces Mitsotakis dead ends: “The attempt of government circles to downplay the issues of the rule of law and the surveillance scandal with the argument that society is not concerned with them, illuminates even more the authoritarian descent of the Mitsotakis regime, while intensifying his political isolation, since he breaks all his political alliances and leaves him room to search for opportunistic alliances only with the extreme Right. The government continues with the provocative decisions to support the interests of the few and loot the society. Citizens are faced with the most difficult winter in decades, but the faltering prime minister is trying to hold on through handouts – essentially to boost profiteering – which come from the taxpayers’ own pockets, through indirect tax revenues that public revenues have skyrocketed.”

On this basis, the intervention of Mr. Tsipras in TIFthe processing of which continues with his collaborators together with the relevant department heads, will have special programming weightwith a composed and alternative governance proposal, both for the dreaded crisis and, however, for the next day of the country, as they report in Koumoundourou, adding meaningfully that he will rise to the last TIF of Mr. Mitsotakis and as prime minister-in-waiting same and looking to the future.

Therefore, it will focus on immediate measures to address the energy crisis and more generally on accuracy, while further specifying the SYRIZA’s package of measures for the lower and middle classesthe relief of small and medium enterprises and the self-employed.

Particular importance will also be given to the proposals for the reconstruction of the rule of law and the “democratic renaissance of the country».

Finally, in relation to the measurements that come out in the last period of time and which show interesting results in the qualitative data, in Koumoundourou they do not cause any concern.

They claim, in fact, that not even Mr. Mitsotakis himself believes in the existence of these differences, otherwise – especially now – he would not miss the opportunity to announce early elections.

“You don’t hold elections if you know you will lose them. However, the climate of pre-election readiness remains, since it is clear that at any moment the prime minister may be faced with some “accident” of new revelations, which will force him to go to the polls. The only thing that is certain is that Mr. Mitsotakis is now the number one reason for destabilizing the country, society and ultimately democracy,” the same sources add.

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