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The reduction in the price of fuel in the past period was significant but noticeable, which brought satisfaction to consumers and to the gas station owners themselves, however, this price in recent days seems to have… stuck, without moving at the same rate as the bottoms. In fact, as it is estimated, this stabilization will continue to exist, without reducing the prices even more, since the world prices of oil have stabilized.

The gas station owners, for their part, hope that there will be further reductions, since it will be to their benefit as well as to the consumers, who in the last months saw the prices at their zenith. As stated by the president of the Pancypriot Union of Stockholders, Savvas Prokopiou, in REPORTER, “there has been a recent stabilization in fuel prices. There was a noticeable drop about a month ago and now there is a stabilization. But we hope for further reductions for the good of all of us and to cope as businesses but also the world itself”.

The assessment that prevails during the period we are going through, is that there will be ups and downs in prices but at normal levels, as in previous years with variations of a few cents and not increases of ten cents, as we have seen in the past period. “We expect a stabilization and hope for lower fuel prices. Because the price of oil has stabilized for a month around 95 and 100 dollars, we estimate that we will move to these levels where we are now.”

The gas station owners, however, as indicated by Mr. Prokopiou, are not fully satisfied, “as we want and hope for reductions, so that people can relax and move more. Compared to previous months, there is partial satisfaction, but we want even lower prices.”

Consumers are ringing the bell

A headache prevails among consumers at the same time, as no other reduction is observed in other sectors, apart from fuel. In other areas, the president of the Consumers’ Association, Marios Drousiotis, indicated, “let’s not expect another decrease, as I believe there will be an increase in the coming months in the consumer index. The best case, we estimate, is for there to be a stabilization of prices, but for a reduction there will certainly not be before the end of the year.”

As for the reductions in fuel prices, these are noticeable and bring satisfaction to consumers. “The prices were already so high, that the situation was not going any further and the consumer would not bear any further increase. In the other sectors, unfortunately, no other decrease was observed, but we cannot know at the same time, if another increase was observed at this stage, as we are waiting for the consumer index.

Until today, Mr. Drousiotis added, “consumers only know about the increases that exist, but it is very important to keep in mind that there has been a noticeable drop in the price of fuel. Prices, however, are affected by other factors and the effect on goods is indirect and not direct. Also, when the price rises in an indirect way, it is more difficult to come down. And the other thing that was observed historically in Cyprus, unfortunately, when prices go up, they don’t go down easily and stay there, without falling at the rate they go up.”

See below the cheapest gas stations in Cyprus:

95 lead free

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus) 1,558
  • Cheapest Price in € (Cypriot) 1,474
  • Most Exact Price in € (Cypriot) 1,789

98 lead-free

  • Average Price in € (Cypriot) 1,648
  • Cheapest Price in € (Cypriot) 1,546
  • Most Exact Price in € (Cypriot) 1,889
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4311761725403404 image


  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus) 1,428
  • Cheapest Price in € (Cypriot) 1,264
  • Most Exact Price in € (Cypriot) 1,550
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4311762420686490 image

Heating oil

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus) 1,428
  • Cheapest Price in € (Cypriot) 1,383
  • Most Exact Price in € (Cypriot) 1,567
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4311763052010396 image


  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus) 1,817
  • Cheapest Price in € (Cypriot) 1,757
  • Most Exact Price in € (Cypriot) 1,913
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4311763787852962 image

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