‘Apologise to the Greeks’

Mike Featherstone he is the eldest of three brothers, who together with their mother’s partner, lived a true thriller in the area of ​​Mylopotamos in Rethymno, Crete.

Few knew that in the last week, and while the rest of the family left the country, he stayed in Crete. An official group of people from the city of Rethymno, quietly and away from prying eyes, undertook to help him calm down, calm him down, show him around, show him how beautiful the place is and how special and welcoming its inhabitants are . He accepted.

A day before leaving for Germany, he spoke exclusively to NEWS 24/7 about the progress of the case, about what should be done to put the specific incident in the past. For the haters which he has acquired on social media, to his dismay that some witnesses try to distort the truth in their statements. He also talked about how he spent this last week in Rethymno and revealed if he will come again.

How is your psychology right now?

Me and my brother stood stronger than anyone in the face of what happened, as my mother’s partner, Mark and my sister have been traumatized by this whole situation. And my brother even confessed to me that he is thinking of seeing a psychologist to deal with his nightmares. I feel a big disappointment actually.

It’s hard for me, I have a lot of stress. The stories they are telling now, the lies, that we started the fight. I understand that this is a classic lawyer tactic, but it is difficult for me to deal with this situation. Even in the hotel where I live I feel that there are two camps among the workers. Some who believe the truth and some who don’t. It doesn’t really matter to me, obviously something like that would happen, but it’s a difficult situation.

How did people treat you after the incident?

After the incident I saw many local people approaching me and I could see in their faces and expressions that they were trying to apologize for these people. This saddens me. That these two people ruined the image of this country by their actions.

I have made a friend at the hotel, who watches what is said about me and conveys it to me. Today something happened that made me very sad. He showed me a photo he found on Facebook, a collage someone made of my Instagram photos and it says, “THE SO-CALLED VICTIMS”!!

They are photos that I upload from my everyday life. I do sports, I’m a swimmer, I do bodybuilding and now some people want to touch that image of me because I’m fit and try to show that I’m the “bad” and the “guilty”.

The worst thing is that I don’t understand Greek and I am in a confusion when I see something like this. Similar online posts I understand will be enough.

What would you like to hear from the defendants?

As for what we would want from the accused, I personally cannot speak for my whole family, I am still here and I cannot know how they feel right now. Definitely anyway I expected and we expect, as a family, a public apology which has not been said even now.

I would also like them to speak publicly to the Greek society that they insulted undeservedly and to tell the true story, to retract the lies they have told, this version of history that is full of lies. And don’t make me and my family look like idiots like they are trying to do. That’s basically what I want.

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Under what circumstances will you drop the charges?

As I told you, I would, if they make a public statement and tell the truth about how things happened, with all the details. To receive compensation for our lost holidays and for mental damage that we suffered, mainly for my family. Even if he doesn’t say sorry to me, the most important thing is that he says sorry to the whole country. I think beyond us an apology is needed in the Greek, hospitable, society.

Now we have received the entire file with our case file, from our lawyers Chara Liandri and Theodoros Tsoula, it should be translated and read carefully and then we will decide the next steps.

What happens to the witnesses who were present at the incident in Perama?

Another unpleasant surprise for me today was when I met my lawyers and they told me, that some of the witnesses testify to things that do not correspond to reality and the truth and are contradicted by their own words and the development of things. They say that there was no knife and that I challenged him standing before him, with my fists extended, calling him to come and fight.

And generally what they say that we overtook them with the car and not them and stuff like that. I have a feeling that they witnesses are afraid of the accused. And this is an issue that should be considered in depth. Why people are so afraid of these people. I understand that it is a small society and they are known to each other, so they also know the involvement, which I understand the defendants have had with justice.

My brother got punched in the face. In Germany, if this happens, the law is very strict.

Frames from the video - document

Frames from the video – document

What happened after the incident?

In the first few days after the incident, we all in the family tried to act as if nothing had happened, lest the rest of our vacation be ruined. Two days later I had my birthday and we all wanted this day to be special, but there was a lot of tension. Especially my mother and her partner were too afraid to go out of the hotel. They believed that these people were something like a small gang and you never know what could happen.

They left and I stayed a week longer because I needed this vacation, which I had been waiting for for four years. I got to see my brother in four years and that was another reason why this vacation was so important to us.

The week I was alone, I tried to find my balance. They were excellent. I met some people from Rethymno, who approached me from the first moment and they showed me the true “Greek way”. I lived unique experiences, I saw that everyone was trying to do the best for me. To show me who this place really is and how its people behave. I saw magical places, I felt that I am in good hands and this filled me with beautiful feelings.

I would like to stay longer, but I have to go. If someone asks me where I want to spend my next vacation, I will say Crete! I had the opportunity to see the place and get to know the Cretans from the locals’ point of view, it was something unique.

Tell us a little about yourself

I live in Hamburg, my brother in England and the rest in Germany. That’s why this vacation for us was a reunion.

I started working as a lifeguard, then became a swimming instructor for young children. I now teach swimming lessons in schools. A few years ago I decided to continue my studies alongside my work and now I am studying Sociology and Economics.

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