What is the largest city in the world? Its population exceeds 37 million

The meaning of a city often varies, but it is usually a populated area rather than a town or village. Population sizes can range from a few thousand to tens of millions.

If we are looking for the largest city in the world in terms of population, then we should go to the “land of the rising sun”. According to UN data, the largest city in the world is Tokyo, with a population exceeding 37 million. This means that in the capital of Japan the inhabitants are three times the total population of Greece (and something more), that they are 9 million more than the total population of the vast state of Texas and 12 million more than the entire population of Australia.

The population of Tokyo’s city limits is less than 14 million, but now the population of a city includes its suburbs, that is, its entire metropolitan area. However, even 14 million is not little.

Although during the pandemic, Tokyo saw its first decline in population in 25 years, it did not lose the top spot. In second is Delhi, India, with 31 million inhabitants and in third is Shanghai with 28.5 million.

New York is the largest city in the US with almost 20 million inhabitants and is quite far behind on this list. But it is first in size, since it exceeds 12 thousand square kilometers.

Of course, when people ask what the biggest city is, they usually mean population and the image that comes to their mind is a city with the subway suffocatingly full and the buildings next to each other, with countless apartments . After all, this is the everyday image of modern megacities.

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