Matthew 12th Sunday: Are we interested in eternal life?

Matthew 12th Sunday: Are we interested in eternal life?
Matthew 12th Sunday: Are we interested in eternal life?

In today’s Gospel passage, we heard about a young man who comes to Christ to ask Him an important question: “What shall I do to have eternal life?”.

This particular young man of the Gospel was a man that each of us would envy.


Why, he was successful. He had health, he had money, he had property.

Who among us would not envy this young man’s position?

But, it didn’t stop there.

He was not satisfied with these alone. His money and possessions did not fill his soul. He knew the saying of Solomon “Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity” (Eccl. 1,2).

He wanted something more. He wondered what was after this life.

He approaches Christ and asks him the question: “What good shall I do to have eternal life?”. What do I need to do to have eternal life?

Have we ever asked ourselves what we need to do to inherit eternal life?

Do we care for the other life or only for this futility?

We realize what we say in the Creed “I expect the resurrection of the dead. And the life of the future age”?

Unfortunately, no.

We are hooked by the daily routine of life, by the many problems that concern humanity and we have no interest in looking beyond them.

Many times, perhaps, we become more unfaithful than the new. The young man believed in eternal life and wanted to learn how to win it. We also question eternal life. We, if we approached Christ, would ask Him if there is another life besides this.

We hear, several times, the expression: “Aaaah bro, you’re not doing well. Do you believe what the church and the priests say about the afterlife? Live life and don’t believe these fairy tales.”

And yet; it exists and we can win it.

We need to start with something basic.

Let us equip ourselves with faith. It doesn’t need much and difficult.

Faith. If we start from this step, we can reach very high.

Let’s leave the biotic concerns for a while and trust our life in God’s hands.

Let’s leave the obligations a little and see if what we do brings us closer or further away from eternal life.

Let us leave ourselves to God, as He is “One holy, one Lord, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father; amen”

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