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Who is celebrating September 3rd today?

Who is celebrating September 3rd today?
Who is celebrating September 3rd today?

Today is Saturday, September 3rd and according to the calendar, those who bear the name: Anthimos, Anthimia, Archontion, Archontis, Archontia, Polydoros, Polydora, Phoebus, Phoebe are celebrating.

Agios Anthimos

Saint Anthimos lived at the end of the 3rd century AD. and his hometown was Nicomedia. From a young age he was distinguished for his pious zeal towards the divine. When he came of age, his life was an example of prudence and love. Because he richly possessed the treasure of divine truths, his warm teaching, inspired by apostolic zeal, almost always found a response in the souls of the faithful. The spiritual ability of Anthimos moved the Christians of Nicomedia and they convinced him to become a Priest and later their bishop.

However, when the persecution took place under Diocletian, they hunted him down and arrested him (302 AD). Diocletian suggested that he should sacrifice to the Gods to gain his life, or face horrible tortures, and showed him the instruments that would torture him. Anthimus said: “Why are you showing me? to scare me? These should be feared by those for whom the present life is only pleasure and the deprivation of which they consider a great loss. But to me, as to every Christian, these hold no charm.

My body is temporary and insignificant, which only has value when it is sanctified through Christ and given to the Christ-like life. Therefore punishments and sufferings are more desirable to me than denying my Saviour.’ Then, after horribly torturing him, they finally decapitated him.

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