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57a Dimitria: From the “Baklava Republic” and the 12th Monkey, to Peter Brook

57a Dimitria: From the “Baklava Republic” and the 12th Monkey, to Peter Brook
57a Dimitria: From the “Baklava Republic” and the 12th Monkey, to Peter Brook

Edward Louis, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Brook and Alexandre Deplais, are some of the world-renowned names that the public will have the opportunity to enjoy at this year’s “Demetrius” Festival.

Along with Greek productions, such as “The Players” directed by Giorgos Koutlis, the surrealistic comedy “The Republic of Baklava” by Anestis Azas and an original musical collaboration of the 12th Monkey with the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, this year, 57th event of “Dimitrios”, aims to widen the audience and “turns a blind eye” to the youth and the crowded student community of Thessaloniki.

“Thessaloniki is a city of extremes. Extremely conservative and extremely progressive. With a variety of events, for all tastes, we try to reach as large a part of the public as possible, especially the youth. We need new blood, new people to come, as has been the case for many years with the Athens Festival”, says the coordinator of the institution’s artistic committee, actor Akis Sakellariou, to APE/MPE.

The deputy mayor of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Maria Karagianni, referring to the artistic imprint of this year’s “Dimitrios”, notes that it “highlights the international radiance of the Festival, which every year is enriched, strengthened and reflects a code of creation and communication that eliminates distances and opens up a wide field for collaborations and experimentation.”

Collaborations with KTHBE and Stegi

For the first time this year, “Dimitria” cooperates directly and closely with the State Theater of Northern Greece, with performances and seminars. “For many years there were some very difficult boundaries between the big operators. This year, we are trying to mitigate them”, says Mr. Sakellariou, adding that the goal is for this collaboration to be a springboard for something better next year.

In the meantime, for one more year, the collaboration of “Dimitrios” with the Onassis Foundation Shelter continues and thus the show dedicated to Giannoulis Halepas will be staged in Thessaloniki under the directorial eye of Argyros Chiotis and the writing of “The Boy”.

A space-identity for “Dimitria”

The coordinator of the artistic committee envisages an alternative space, which will be able to host different types of events, attract a young audience and be the hallmark of the Festival.

From his more than three years of experience at “Dimitria”, Mr. Sakellariou estimates that a large space, which will be equipped by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, so that it can function for all events, as the Festival has done, would be an advantage for the organization of Athens with the warehouses at Piraeus 260.

At “57th Dimitria”

– “Who Killed My Father”, a performance based on the autobiographical novel of the same title by the young French writer Edouard Louis, directed by Thomas Ostermeyer, starring the author himself, produced by the Theater de la Ville in Paris and in collaboration with the KTHBE.

– Peter Brook “The Tempest project”. A theatrical production by the award-winning English director Peter Brook who passed away in July 2022 and Marie Helene Estienne, directed by MH Estienne. This production is the result of a theater workshop curated by Peter Brook and the performance is done in collaboration with KTHBE.

– Concert by Alexander Deplas, (born Alexandros Ladopoulos, originally from Volos). Awarded an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy, he is considered one of the greatest film composers of his generation.

– “Story, story, die”, a cross between theater and dance by the Norwegian choreographer and collaborator of the famous group Pina Bausch, Alan Lucien Øyen.

– “Somoo”, a dance performance by the South Korean production “Art Project BORA”.

The production is headed by choreographer Bora Kim, with director Jae-Hyung Joo.

– “The Players”, by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, directed by George Koutlis.


– “The Republic of Baklava” by Anesti Aza.

– Iranian Ghazel art installation. Ghazel was born in Tehran, Iran in 1966. Her works are in many public collections, including the Musée National d’ Art Modern, the Center Pompidou (Paris), the MUMOK Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Vienna) and the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (Paris).

– 12th Pithikos – Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. In this concert, rap music is presented with a symphonic sound.

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