Zodiac Signs Today 03/09: The ball will be lost

Zodiac Signs Today 03/09: The ball will be lost
Zodiac Signs Today 03/09: The ball will be lost

Zodiac Signs Today | Saturday, September 3

In “the madness and the… ribbon” will be our Saturday, as the Moon will pass to Sagittarius, so it will fill us with enough energy, we will tackle various or anything that sparks our interest, since we will also have a tendency to learn things, arts, techniques, whatever we find useful or helps to open our minds. By Jupiter in Aries to triangulate her, optimism, fun, but also the perception of “don’t run away!” he will not leave us. “Wonderful” one would say, however, there is one Mars in Gemini, with whom she will come face to face and somewhere there the climate will change, since there will be irritation and tension and outbursts. It is possible that we cannot control our little mouth and testify secretly or “adorn” someone who has an opposing opinion. It is also possible to give up in the middle of what we started, or to lose track of what needs to be done and give up.

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Which signs are affected today? ☼❤☼

archers, there is nothing to stop your enthusiasm and energy. Luck favors you, but if you don’t want to fight over a trivial reason, it would be good to take a look at what others want, not only what is convenient for you.

Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, instead of getting irritated by some “spontaneous” behaviors, express honestly what you don’t like or what bothers you. Be direct because the longer you pass it, the more they will continue.

Leos, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpios, half your shame and half theirs! Do what you want. Open up, reach out, express yourself, take risks and don’t get stuck. Most likely you will succeed.

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