What do the zodiac signs say for today, Saturday, September 3, 2022

What do the zodiac signs say for today, Saturday, September 3, 2022
What do the zodiac signs say for today, Saturday, September 3, 2022

Read in detail what the zodiac predicts for you today, Saturday, September 3, 2022. How will your day be? What does your zodiac sign and horoscope predict?

Taurus: You are focused today mainly on an emotional or private matter with the Moon in your solar 8th house all day. There can be an exciting meeting or discovery, and it’s very easy to work with people with different goals.


Discussions can be about money, business or property matters. Your increased focus on complex emotions can affect your productivity.

Gemini: There may be some feelings of frustration as you may face delays and stress today. Someone in your life may be jealous or deceitful.


Today’s Sun-Pluto minor transit prompts us to avoid a direct route to our goals. While you’re willing to go your own way with Mars in your sign, the Moon is in your partnership sector all day and you may seek recognition from others.

Cancer: Emotional energy is a bit tense today. You try to avoid undue stress, especially about differences of opinion. You may struggle to determine what others expect of you and what you really believe you can and should do.

Find a middle ground. You can no doubt feel torn by the Moon’s opposition to Mars, but getting in touch with real needs and wants should probably be a priority.

Leo: There may be some tensions today as others do not seem cooperative or open to your ideas, but this influence passes quickly. This is due to a slightly challenging Sun-Pluto aspect that causes fears of not achieving your goals and the feeling that you have to use strategies to get what you want.

Work, tasks or the stress of everyday life can absorb you. Today’s actions encourage careless approaches, and you may decide that waiting to address issues is best.

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