“He offends society”: Political condemnation for Chrysostomou’s statements

“He offends society”: Political condemnation for Chrysostomou’s statements
“He offends society”: Political condemnation for Chrysostomou’s statements

In a post on twitter, the government representative Giannis Oikonomou emphasizes that “The position of Metropolitan Dodoni does not express either the values ​​of our society or the doctrine of our faith. We support the victims of violence, let alone rape, unconditionally, without footnotes or asterisks.”

The Minister of Education Niki Kerameoswith her post on Twitter, she accordingly emphasizes that the statement in question brutally insults society and “is not in line with the position of the Church which practically supports women victims of abuse and rape”.

The Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikiliasfor his part, emphasizes that what was said is embarrassing for everyone and slanderous for the Orthodox Christian faith.

“It is a shame for all of us and slanderous for the Orthodox Christian faith and our Church which always wipes out victims of violence, Metropolitan Dodoni’s statement about the women who fall rape victims” Mr. Kikilias pointed out, in his post on Twitter.

“Without words, this statement is completely unacceptable, he must withdraw and apologize!”, says the Minister of Development and Investments in a post on his personal account Adonis Georgiades.

On the occasion of the statements of the Metropolitan of Dodoni, the Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris stated: “It is unacceptable to justify an act of rape by trying to link it to the victim’s fault. These opinions unfortunately when heard lead us to such crimes. To say that someone rapes a woman because she wants to is completely far from the Christian faith. I have not heard a more unacceptable statement from a Hierarch».

The reaction of the MP from Chania was also strong Doras Bakoyanniswhich addressing the Metropolitan of Dodoni, with a post she made on twitter, expresses the wonder and surprise together, stressing: “Oh no Your Honor, why are you wronging yourself, but above all the Orthodox Church, with such statements?!”.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior characterizes the statement of the Metropolitan of Dodoni regarding the rape as “unthinkable and provocative” Stelios Petsas.

The press representative of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance comments on the statements of the Metropolitan of Dodoni, Chrysostomou Nasos Iliopoulos. “Shame and anger at the logic that covers rapists and attacks women’s rights,” he says on his personal Twitter account.

The secretary of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Rania Svigou characterizes creepy the statements of Metropolitan Dodoni, which refer to times of darkness and “witch hunts”which have been around for hundreds of years.

“We are not going to turn back. Rape is a crime, the self-determination of a woman’s body is a right,” argues Mrs. Svigou.

“The notions that ‘there is no woman who sits around being rushed without wanting to’, that ‘abortion is a crime’ and that ‘even when a fetus has serious health problems, permission should be sought from the Church to to have an abortion and that it should indeed be proven scientifically and not “with a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision” is perceptions backward, dark and dangerous“, comments it PASOK-Movement for Changeon his official twitter page.

The statements of the Metropolitan of Dodoni that caused a “storm” of reactions

THE Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodonispeaking on a morning show, argued that abortion ‘is a crime’while for the cases rapesaid that “a woman cannot become pregnant without participation.”

“When we have such a low birth rate, it is possible to allow the destruction of an infant, a child who, when conceived, has already begun to have life,” noted the Metropolitan speaking to SKAI regarding abortions.

Asked if this should also apply in cases of rape, Metropolitan Dodoni stated that “A woman does not sit and hurry without wanting to, let’s not go crazy now,” prompting reporters to react.

In the journalists’ attempts to explain to him what rape means, he noted: “Do you realize that a woman sits and is raped and gets pregnant? He wants participation».

He then reiterated that a woman cannot conceive without participation.

Answering a related question, the Metropolitan said that the child who is the result of a rape must be protected.

“For the child to be born and for there to be a provision for where that child will go,” he said and went on to say that:

“There is no justification for abortion.”

The Church is against contraception (during sexual intercourse) he also said, when asked about it, leaving however a “window” for the cases in which if he conceives a woman risks death and not “if we make love just for love”.

“The Church accepts contact for the sole purpose of arrest,” he emphasized.

For cases where a fetus has serious health problemsemphasized that there are reservationssince as he said “we know that they also produce deliberate decisions». He added that in these cases it should be requested permission from the Church to have an abortion and that indeed it should be proven scientifically and not “with financial security of the doctor’s decision”.

“If the child’s brain is going to turn out to be problematic, then he should ask for the help of the church and agree to have an abortion, but with a scientific and not a financial guarantee of the doctor’s decision”, he said characteristically.

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