Mitsotakis visited Elefsina Shipyards – “Many new customers will come”

Mitsotakis visited Elefsina Shipyards – “Many new customers will come”
Mitsotakis visited Elefsina Shipyards – “Many new customers will come”

A critical pillar for the National Defense Industry with guaranteed jobs are now the Elefsina Shipyardswhich the prime minister visited at noon on Friday Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Today is indeed a very important, a great moment for the Elefsinos Shipyards and I want to start by thanking everyone who worked so that this very important law could be passed, so that today the future of Elefsinos Shipyardsthe future of all the workers at the Elefsinos Shipyards, the future of those who will find work at the Elefsinos Shipyards be much more optimistic”, noted the Kyriakos Mitsotakisspeaking to the shipyard workers, who characteristically replied “600 families you saved”.

“We are here today, state, investor and employees, to celebrate a great day for Elefsinos Shipyards. What we have achieved is to secure all the jobs, get all the back wages, bring almost 200 million in investment to the Shipyard. And to be able to repeat here, on a much larger scale, what I had the opportunity to see being done in Syros. Where four years ago the Shipyard had the image of a bombed out landscape, today, if you visit it, it is a living Shipyard, with ships waiting to be repaired, with satisfied workers and above all satisfied customers. Why do some people send their ships to Syros for repairs and it is inconceivable, it has always been inconceivable to me, how it is possible that a country which has the largest fleet in commercial shipping in the world cannot repair its ships in Greece. This is changing and will change here in Elefsina as well,” the prime minister underlined.

“Many new customers will come, have no doubt about it. I believe that there will also be very important collaborations with large foreign shipyards. And yes, of course, there are Navy programs that are underway and we want these ships to be able to be built in Greece, as other Navy ships were built, of which our Navy today is extremely proud. I am also very happy every time I talk to our admirals and they tell us “this ship was built in Greece”, our tankers for example are so seaworthy that they are still a point of admiration for other navies. Friends, we will be able to do the same again here in Elefsina. The water entered the groove. I want you to know that I personally and the government will be close to this ongoing effort. I want you near the shipyard too. Because I know that first and foremost you love your work and I know that here is not only a salary, but also a dignity, a feeling that you are participating in a great effort which is identified with you, identified with your life, identified with this place, identified with the advance of your families”, emphasized Mr. Mitsotakis.

“You gave us our future and our lives”

“We got rid of yesterday and the troubles two days ago. You gave us our future and our lives. Mr. Prime Minister, we have the appetite and passion to build our Shipyard from scratch. To repair hundreds of ships the year the new owner will bring us. To build the new ships of the Hellenic Navy on time, within the budget we will agree on, with the unsurpassed quality and know-how we have as employees. To make them trust us again. To build ships of other countries, to emerge as a shipbuilding and technological hub, with a central role in the wider region for the benefit of our homeland. Thank you for everything. You believed in us, that says it all for us. You fulfilled your commitment”, said the president of the Workers’ Union, Nikos Papanikolaou.

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