Holy Vigil at the beginning of the new ecclesiastical year

With the blessing of our Venerable Metropolitan Mr. Timotheus, on the evening of Wednesday, August 31, 2022the Most Reverend Protopresbyter Fr. Thomas Kayas, General Hierarchal Commissioner of our Holy Metropolis, rector of the Holy Vigil, at the beginning of the new ecclesiastical year, in the Holy Church of Agios Georgios Karditsis.

In his short sermon, His Holiness said:

“Christ, the Son and Word of God, as ruler of time, as pre-anarchic King of the ages, who became flesh, to lead all things to Himself and to gather Jews and Gentiles into one Church, sought to recapitulate in Himself the sensible world and the written Law.

And while nature prepares to run through a new cycle of seasons, we Christians celebrate the event when Christ entered the Synagogue and, opening the book of Isaiah, read the passage in which the Prophet speaks in the name of the Savior; The Spirit of the Lord is and abides in me, because with this the Lord anointed me as a man, and sent me to preach the glad tidings of salvation to the poor; to heal those whose hearts have been crushed by the weight of sin, to preach to the enslaved to sin forgiveness and to grant enlightenment to those whose minds have been blinded by the darkness of passions. He sent me to release and send free from all guilt those who were crushed by sin. He sent me to preach the beginning of the new period, which is pleasing to God, because according to it the Messiah will carry out His will for the salvation of people.

Afterwards, the Lord emphasized to those present the unfolding of the prophecy that day, meaning that He is the Messiah who came into the world, anointed, to fulfill His divine mission and to do what the Prophet mentions epigrammatically quietly, without shouts and external demonstrations addressed to all nations, for Christ came to save all men, not only the Jews.

Thus, therefore, all the Christian Churches, gathered together on thisrefer to 1the of September, praise to the one triune God, who dwells in eternal bliss, sustaining everything in life by sending abundant His blessings every season to His creations. Christ himself opens the doors of the new year inviting us to follow him, to become partakers of eternal bliss.

Saint Nicodemus the Saint writes about this day of Indictus to his Synaxarist; We must know, brothers, that God’s holy Church today celebrates Indiction for three reasons.

Firstly, because this is also the beginning of time.

Secondly, because the Lord carried out His first teaching in the synagogue of His particular hometown, Nazareth, after His sojourn in the desert, thus beginning His public activity.

And a third reason, for which the Church of Christ commemorates today the Indictus, and celebrates the beginning of the new year; they were, through hymns and supplications, where we offer to God on this feast, generations God speak to us, and bless the new time, and grant us this happy and full of all physical goods. And may it enlighten our minds, to spend all the time cleanly and with a good conscience, and to please God, by keeping his commandments. And so let us partake of eternal goods in Heaven.

Let us take all this into account, my brothers, for a new beginning. A beginning where our life is pleasing to the Lord, a life of Grace, a life of Christ, a life of the Holy Spirit”.

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