The new trend is called “skin cycling” and today you will learn all the details

The new trend is called “skin cycling” and today you will learn all the details
The new trend is called “skin cycling” and today you will learn all the details

Your everyday care routine it is responsible for the healthy appearance of your skin, the natural glow but also the prevention of the appearance of signs of aging. You follow a specific order as far as the products are concerned, following the advice of the facialist or dermatologist. But at the same time you are informed about all the new trends.

I am I’m sure you know everything about the biggest ones, such as the K-Beauty Routine, the one that Korean women made famous and wanted you to use enough products every morning and night.

And now comes a new one that is already loved and followed by celebrities, TikTokers and beauty bloggers. It’s called “cycling” and I’ll reveal all the details right away.

Exfoliation, retinoid, resurfacing, resurfacing and all over again

First of all, you should know that you must adjust the specific trend according to the needs of your skin. You follow a certain procedure for four days and start all over again.

According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, who has more than 397,000 followers on TikTok, “skin cycling” is an evening skincare routine which changes daily and cyclically. Your morning remains the same.

First Day

Exfoliation is first in line: After cleaning the skin with your favorite product, proceed to exfoliation with a chemical and not a natural scrub. You apply the moisturizing night cream and that’s it.

Second day

You start with cleaning: After dabbing with a clean towel, then apply directly to the face, a product with retinol and finally your moisturizer. If your skin is particularly sensitive, to avoid possible irritations, avoid using in areas such as under the eyes and lips where you will apply your classic moisturizing formula.

Third and Fourth Day

Both are dedicated to regeneration: These are the last two steps of the skin recycling treatment. You start again by cleaning the face. Then you use a serum with hyaluronic acid in its composition. For an even greater effect, it is advisable to apply the serum to fresh and not completely dry skin. You continue with the moisturizing cream and finish with an oil.

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