China: Threatens US with ‘countermeasures’ if arms sales to Taiwan go ahead

China: Threatens US with ‘countermeasures’ if arms sales to Taiwan go ahead
China: Threatens US with ‘countermeasures’ if arms sales to Taiwan go ahead

The Chinese government today threatened the US with “retaliation” if it goes ahead with a new arms sale to Taiwan, which the State Department approved on Friday (pictured, top, the Chinese embassy in Washington).

“with determination”

“China will resolutely take legal and necessary countermeasures,” warned Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington.

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The US State Department gave the “green light” to the potential sale of $1.1 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan, including 100 Sidewinder missiles to intercept enemy missiles and drones ($85.6 million), 60 Harpoon anti-aircraft missiles warships (worth 355 million dollars) and support for Taiwan’s radar system (worth 665 million dollars), as reported by APE.

Following approval by the State Department, the arms sale must receive the approval of the US Congress, which is considered almost certain.

Increase in defense spending

Taiwan recently announced a proposed 12.9 percent annual increase in its defense budget for 2023 to $13.72 billion, after escalating tensions with China have prompted a sharp increase in defense activity near the island. .

China claims Taiwan as part of its territory, despite a strong backlash from the government in Taipei, while Beijing went ahead with its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan following a visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat. in the US, in August.

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