SYRIZA: The statements of Dravila – Rammos – Demiris the most serious “blows” in the rhetoric of the ND

SYRIZA: The statements of Dravila – Rammos – Demiris the most serious “blows” in the rhetoric of the ND
SYRIZA: The statements of Dravila – Rammos – Demiris the most serious “blows” in the rhetoric of the ND

Parliamentary sources, however, of the official opposition characterize at CNN Greecebombs” what they said commander of the EYP during the Samara government, Theodore Dravillasand the president of ADAE, Christos Rammoswho claimed that it is not possible to plead confidentiality in front of MPs by those summoned to testify at the Commission, but also the current commander of the EYP, Themistocles Demiriswho behaves to he argued like Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been informed about legal attachments.

They rate as more serious blows in the rhetoric of the ND these depositions because, unlike him Yannis Roubatis who had been appointed commander of the EYP on SYRIZAANELthe rest have been appointed under NT governments.

In this context, they speak of “Waterloo of the Mitsotakis parastatal system who hid his guilt behind the so-called secrecy”.

According to information from the Commission, Mr. Demiris refuted Kondoleon, but and Mitsotakisas he stated that the prime minister is fully informed by him about the legitimate attachments her EYP which is in progress.

It is recalled that a few days ago Mr. Mitsotakis argued from the floor of the Parliament that “no prime minister can know who the EYP is monitoring».

It is also noted that the ND MP, Kostas Tzavaras was drafted fully with her opposition which insists from the outset that the invocation of privacy cannot be raised for issues connected to the functioning of democracy.

At the same time, there is talk of editing the ND, “indicative of her panic“, which distorted the accurate testimony of Yannis Roubatis according to which “the surveillance of elected MPs, MEPs and ministers constitutes an absolute violation of the Constitution and the laws of the Greek state. A link is legal when it has the signature of a prosecutor, but a legal link is not understood when it concerns elected officials”.

They also do not fail to comment on Koumoundourou, on the occasion of what the Kostas Karamanlis in Anogeiathat the ND Parliamentary Group is a boiling cauldron as well it will show even more if Antonis Samaras decides to speak as well.

They also meaningfully point out that the fortification of Grigoris Dimitriadis and Panagiotis Kontoleons behind secrecy does not indicate a willingness to shed ample light on the case, but rather the exact opposite.

Be that as it may, the serial wiretapping still has many episodes ahead of it with the convening of the relevant commission of inquiry, the first meeting of which will take place next week, possibly on Monday, as we are informed.

In the meantime and in preparation for his rise Alexis Tsipras at TIF, visits today and tomorrow the Thessaloniki the Rania Svigou.

The secretary of SYRIZA will hold, at 7:30 p.m., a speech at the SYRIZA Youth Sputnik Festival of Thessaloniki, at Xarhakou Park, while tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. will visit together with MPs and party officials the striking workers at the Malamatina factory.

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