Kapravelos: The pandemic is not over

Kapravelos: The pandemic is not over
Kapravelos: The pandemic is not over

Speaking to ERT about the suspension of scheduled surgeries at the Hospital, Children’s “Agia Sophia”Mr. Kapravelos he emphasized that “the lack of doctors of various specialties is very great.

The YOU needs institutional support. It is not enough just to advertise positions. He wants big pay rises. A new payroll is needed, but it’s not just wages.”

Referring to the work burnout experienced by all staff in public health structures, he pointed out that it is an inhibiting factor for a private doctor to work in National Health System.

“It’s not just anesthesiologists. The same goes for intensivists and surgeons. They cannot lift a huge weight. Let them also give ten salaries”, argued her manager ICU in the Papanicolaou hospital.

“The Hospital Organizations must be completed and the gaps are very large. We have to see how we will organize the hospitals. It’s an opportunity to do it now that the pandemic is in remission,” the doctor pointed out.

Referring to the coronavirus pandemic and how it is evolving, he stated that “the virus has weakened. The variations these do not cause much morbidity, but are highly contagious. The center of gravity of the consequences has shifted to older ages.”

Speaking about the summer he said it was particularly difficult and admitted that it was unexpected. A fact that contributed to the infection of the elderly, who were fully or partially vaccinated. And as he pointed out, “July and August left behind the 2,000 dead from coronavirus».

We are waiting for the 7th wave of the pandemic

“There is too much relaxation. It hasn’t stopped pandemic. O World Health Organisation and we are waiting for the 7th wave with conditions that favor the coronavirus”, he warned while saying that great care is needed.

“The recommendations from State they are specific” he said adding that every time each wave is worse than the previous one. “It was the worst summer since the beginning of the pandemic. I didn’t see the de-escalation in waves”, he said while expressing the opinion that “without protocols the 7th wave will hardly be overcome”.

As for the updated ones vaccines and when these will be available commented that all vaccines are effective but lose their effectiveness over time.

“Updating vaccines is one of our main weapons,” he added specific clarifying that the vaccines help to reduce the consequences, especially in the old ages that also go through him greater risk.

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