Survivor: Accident for former reality TV player

Survivor: Accident for former reality TV player
Survivor: Accident for former reality TV player

We met Nikos Yiannis through Survivor and the truth is that he was one of the most loved figures in the public.

However, through his personal social media account, he announced with a post that the month did not go very well for him as he had an accident.

An accident for Nikos Giannis

So the former player, who is very active on social media, made it known that he had an accident, and more specifically, he fell off his bike and hit his leg slightly.

“We said have a nice month; We said 1st fall on the bike” he characteristically wrote and showed the wound from his fall.

With so much money he returned from Saint Dominic

“I would like Stavroula to pick it up. She’s my bestie in here, we’ve said as much. I know what he has struggled with out there in life. Actually things are not easy at all. outside. He has learned to fight, as he fights in here” the dancer had said shortly before leaving.

Nikos Giannis may have been one of the strongest competitively and was at the top of the statistics, however, he was not so loved by the world.

The dancer entered Survivor 5 around the middle of March and as it has been released every week he received around 1,000 euros. So, by the time he left, he managed to collect 14,000 euros.

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