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What did the Argentinian coach say about the match against Volos and what does it have to do with the Union’s work at the competitive level.

The misstep of the 2nd matchday continues to haunt the organization of the Union where the causes of the loss are being sought. Matias Almeida expressed the opinion that AEK made mistakes in the last third of the field in the defeat by Volos, while lacking accuracy in final attempts and crosses. The Argentinian coach spoke to Cosmote TV, in the usual statements before the game of the 3rd matchday, against PAS Ioannina, at the Rizoupoli stadium. This will be the Double-Headed Eagle team’s last home game away from New Philadelphia.

In the game of the 6th match against Ionikos, the Union will play for the first time in the OPAP ARENA – AGIA SOFIA. Until then, however, the match of the 3rd round of the championship against “Ajax” of Epirus takes precedence. The coach of the Union mentioned that the team is in the process of changes, while regarding the change of systems he explained that he does not stick to a system when it does not work, while at the end he was asked about the transfers. Read what Matias Almeida replied to the camera of the subscription channels and his colleague, Panos Malamas.

For the game against Volos N.P.S.

The truth is that after a loss, you always do a deeper analysis. I think that we made mistakes mainly in the last third of the pitch. We ran out of patience and needed it more mobility in the final third of the pitch and more precision in final efforts. The positives were the intensity of the players, the competitive behavior on the field, the way we won contested balls. But, of course, to win a game, you have to score goals. We had very few shots from outside the area and when games are in this format, you have to look more to create goals with shots from outside the area. And I can say that we also lacked accuracy in crosses. And of course, having respect for the opponent, he did his job and he did it very well.

For the fact that AEK is first in individual statistical categories of performance, such as pressure, intensity and recovery of possession, but also what should be its next “step” in order to find solutions against closed defenses.

We thought that Volos would play like this and we knew that if we conceded the first goal, the opponent would set their defensive line further back. But we’re only in the second game, it’s our first loss. A process needs time before you can change it. I really believe in the work being done here. I always respect the opponents, although I always want to win. Of course, we trust the footballers, we continue to be in the process of changes. And as we all know, positive results always give peace of mind. So, we will look for the positive results. But, yes, there are some points where the team has changed. But what we need to do is turn the numbers and statistics into wins.

For the system change during the match against Volos though it is something we may see again in the season, either in the stream of matches or as a starting option.

I never want to “lock” myself into a system. When I was at Banfield we played 3-3-1-3. At River, we played 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1, at Chivas we played 4-2-1-3 and at one point we played with 3-4-1-2-. What I want to say is that whatever system we use, what I don’t want us to change is the intensity during the game and the goal we have for the game. I’m not the type of coach who will only continue to work with a system if he sees that it’s not working. And if I see that the players don’t feel comfortable or we don’t achieve what we aim for, then I will change it. The important thing is that we have the material. So, there is the peace of mind given by healthy competition among football players.

For his impressions of the crowd’s presence in the first home game of the season and if he considers his support afterwards important.

It was really very moving. When we walked into the pitch and saw the support and how the crowd was shouting, it was something that made you want to go in and play. Of course we wanted to give him the win, it was something he needed and we wanted to celebrate with him. Both us, the coaching team, and the players were impressed by the crowd. We have fantastic fans, which when you play at home, it’s like having an extra player.

For his thoughts on the final stretch of the transfer window and if he thinks the team has needs.

The truth is, I talk a lot with management. But what we say stays between us!

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