The Taliban of Dodoni and the Mujahideen of the Near East

The Taliban of Dodoni and the Mujahideen of the Near East
The Taliban of Dodoni and the Mujahideen of the Near East

Comment on the statements of the Metropolitan of Dodoni on the rapes.

When earlier as the Metropolitan of Zakynthos he had given an interview to the soft porno magazine Penthouse, he was then hunted by the minions of the support circle for Archbishop Christodoulos. It was the time when Metropolitan Chrysostomos was a permanent interlocutor of the Patriarch and a staunch enemy of the “Chrysopigi circle” which had highlighted the leadership of the Church at the time.

Finally Zakynthos, after completing his cycle on the island, resigned and reverted to his former honorary title, that of Metropolitan of Dodoni. No such Metropolis actually exists. Its seat is in Petraki Monastery. The title is only honorary. It allows him, however, to participate in the Holy Synod. It seems, however, that his “youthful pretensions” and opposition searches – he had, you see, accompanied a part of the reforms proposed by Kostas Simitis – had an end. A violent end. Possibly as a result of a relentless slump.

Unprovoked, the Patriarchal Metropolitan Chrysostomos, the declared opponent of Makaristos Christodoulos and loyal supporter of the Ecumenical Throne in his perennial conflict with circles and factors of the Hellenic Church, this Hierarch, decided to take refuge in yvrin.

Because it is about shame and not about a slip or a mistake.

Dodonis Chrysostomos revealed his deepest thoughts and positions by legitimizing with his statements about rape, love and abortion all the inhumanity and brutality of those who on a daily basis exercise physical violence, psychological coercion, sexual abuse and rape on women and their daughters. Dodonis’ statements legitimize those with an escalating upward trend who abuse women or kill women in the middle of the street and in broad daylight. They are a frame of reference for those who systematically and methodically build far-right activist formations from the bowels of para-state and para-ecclesiastical organizations every day.

Chrysostomos Dodonis revealed the deep darkness that covers his thinking and soul. As a genuine Mujahideen of the Iranian province, or a Mullah in some Bedouin sect in the Arabian Desert, or even closer, as a fanatical Imam in some district of Erzurum in Erdoğan’s Anatolia, he dared to say publicly what they dare not express (as much as they wish to). even the Taliban themselves. “There is no such thing as non-consensual rape.”

With one sentence, the inexcusable Hierarch released the rapists from paying Homo Sapiens. With a Christian Orthodox Fetifa, he ruled that “no woman sits down to be raped without her will”, to end up with his unproven claims that “there is no arrest for rape and, if there is an arrest, it means that there was consent during the rape”.

Disgusting, sadistic. In short, the epitome of misogyny, sexism and social fascism. The Metropolitan of Dodoni is dangerous in many ways. It acts as an ideological washing machine for every misogynist and sexist. For every man on this planet who seeks to justify his heinous acts, from rape to femicide, the systematic coercion and methodical sexual and psychological abuse of women. Metropolitan Dodoni legalized with extreme anti-scientific and anti-social obscurantism any deviation from the existing legal order, simultaneously allowing and justifying as a representative of the Church, the overthrow of the constants of our legal culture.

So it’s not a mistake. This is not a mistake. This is a deliberate attempt to ideologically and religiously free rapists from moral and social stigmatization, paving the way for them to be freed from the criminal consequences or to reduce the penalties in cases of rape.

It is obvious that the Hierarchy is called upon to take a position on the issue. She would avoid it as much as the normal functioning of church institutions would allow. Finally she was forced to condemn her brother. It is certain that the positions of Dodonis express the internal or external positions of many of his Brothers in Christ.

Without thinking about it, however, Metropolitan Chrysostomos also offered an unexpected help to those who attempt to build an effective legal and moral wall against the brutal treatment of women by our male fellow citizens. The Hierarch revealed with too much brutality exactly how the misanthropes of this world think. How, moving in the dark catacombs of their souls, they weave their arguments to justify their brutality and inhumanity.

Mr. Chrysostome, I live every day with my partner, my two daughters and my granddaughter, Antigone. You realize that it is they, together with all the other women of this world, who will judge you and who will come to the inevitable, self-evident and irreversible conclusion.

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