Meghan Markle: What is the number of her listeners, after all?

“Archetypes” appears on “Top Podcasts”, but at the same time, the show with Mariah Carey,, appears at position 12 on the chart.

Installed, now, for a long time on USA with Prince Harry, h Meghan Markle she doesn’t sit idly by when it comes to her career. Recently, after all, she started her new podcast “Archetypes“, with a well-known female personality as a guest in each episode, such as Serena Williams and Mariah Careywhich we have heard in the first two episodes.

And while the Spotify presents the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast at No. 1 in its charts in English-speaking markets, if one looks at its listeners “Archetypes» in these countries, then it doesn’t even reach the top 5 and in many cases, it’s up to the 25th position.

This resulted in Spotify being accused of misusing the charts and “cooking» in numbers.

According to Daily Mail, there are two basic charts. On the one hand are the “Top Podcasts,” in which Spotify has various criteria for which shows make it into them: Among these criteria are whether the podcasters are up-and-coming and the mix of followers and unique listeners. On the other hand, the charts “Episodes» operate purely in numerical terms of unique listeners per day.

Thus, the “Archetypes” may appear in “Top Podcasts” of the USA, when at the same time, the show with Mariah Carey, for example, appears in position 12 in the chart “Episodes“, while, respectively, the one with Serena Williams does not exceed 25th place.

In no. 1 of “Top Podcasts” is located in “Archetypes» and in Britain. In “Episodes» the first two episodes of Meghan Markle’s podcast are in position 8 and 12.

All of the above created reactions in a portion of users, who did not leave Spotify’s tactics untouched. One user characteristically wrote: “Why is “Archetypes” #1 on Spotify’s US charts when it’s at the bottom of the episode charts? I don’t get it!“, while users even spoke of “counterfeiting by Spotify».

But moving from users to industry experts, they speculate that Spotify may have chosen to keep Meghan Markle’s podcast at the top of its charts because of the £18m fee the Duchess of Sussex received for content creation. .

Finally, critics haven’t exactly been kind to the “Archetypes». THE James Marriott of Times rated it with a meager star (out of 5), h Celia Walden her Daily Telegraph argues that “the podcast is just another way for her to talk about herself» the 41-year-old, while the columnist for his Steerpike column Spectator commented on the episode with Serena Williams that “it’s hard to believe it took 28 people, including 8 producers to make this episode – plus Megan».

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