Going out to Athens: 9 events worth visiting on the first weekend of September (3-4/9)

Fall may have arrived, but our spirits remain at “seasonal highs”!

The autumn arrived but our mood remains at “high levels for the season“.

Looking at them events of Septemberwe notice with great joy that the summer ones have nothing to envy!

With our ally the coolness, the summer memories and having a lot of positive energy, let’s go see the hottest events for this first SC of the fall!

✔”ELEKTRA” by Euripides


The subversive Electra of Euripides will be presented in the summer of 2022 by the Tagari Theatrical Enterprises translated by Stratis Paschalis and directed by Giorgos Lyra on a tour throughout Greece, with Maria Kitsou and Dimitris Gotsopoulos in the roles of Electra and Orestes respectively. Giorgos Constantinou in the role of the Teacher.

Euripides’ Electra is a pioneering and controversial play, born of an era where all certainties have become uncertainties. The poet does not hesitate to present his own version of the myth on stage, with his heroes in a world of realistic everyday life raising compelling questions about the concepts of revenge, justice, moral conflict, passion. A noir version of the myth, a revenge tragedy but at the same time a deeply, shockingly human work.

When Electra appears in 413 BC. Athens is shaken by the long War; in a few months will come the painful and humiliating defeat in the Sicilian Campaign. Euripides’ Electra, a forerunner of the great Elizabethan theater texts and the beginning of psychological theater, is at a precarious point of convergence: where gods and men must revise their world in an age of doubt and demystification.

Electra lives on the fringes of the city and life, in a humiliating marriage forced upon her. Orestes, rewarded by the Palace, comes to avenge the death of his father and the sufferings of himself and his sister, guided by the oracle of Apollo. The two brothers put their plan into action to restore order and deliver, as they believe, justice. The dark anticipation of revenge and the debt that leads to matricide will breed horror, not redemption. For the first time in Euripides, murder is explored in relation to its psychological consequences. The confrontation with the paradox of existence, the stormy emotions, the anatomy of the psyche of the heroes and the key and timeless dilemmas make Elektra a uniquely subversive and contemporary work.

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✔Institutions of Aristophanes


One of the poet’s three works by women, along with Ecclesiastes and Lysistrata. An attempt by Aristophanes to parody the great Euripides, based on the behavior of Athenian women during a great mystical festival exclusively for women, the Thesmophoria.

Political and highly comical testimony at the same time.

The Aristophanic discourse, always topical and ethnographic, reminds us that, while we have progressed in various fields of science and technology, as social and political beings we lag behind even today and we recognize ourselves in his important text.

Director’s note:

Institutionalizing 2022: In times when democracy is tested and social cohesion is at risk, the creativity of great poets flourishes. The Athens of the end of the 5th century BC. he is with his back to the wall. Through the “position” and the “positions” of women, on the occasion of a celebration – the Thesmophoria – and by cauterizing the provocative attitude of men, intellectuals and politicians, using the dramatic oddities of the great Euripides as a vehicle, the equally great Aristophanes reveals to us the advantages and the weaknesses of our ancestors, which are not very different from today’s.

All this, of course, through his comical heart and mood. After all, laughter is the great consolation of the people, and the great comic poets are genuinely popular. That is, they make us remember and dream at the same time. The pseudo-folks just pander to our lowly habits. (Yannis Bezos)

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✔”Companions from Tirana”


The legendary and most successful show of recent years “Symbetherios from Tirana”, which this year also achieved great television success, begins its summer tour throughout Greece, directed by Stavros Karagiannis.

The hit duo of Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas wrote the hilarious comedy in 2008 and it ran continuously until 2012.

The attempt of immigrants to integrate into Greek society through mixed marriages becomes the central theme of the comedy. The writing duo, in their unique and inspiring way, criticizes the xenophobic and racist standards of modern Greeks, so that the renowned theater critic Kostas Georgousopoulos, has ranked it next to the greats of Greek comedy, Alekos Sakellarios – Christos Giannakopoulos, Nikos Tsiforos – Polyvio Vassiliadis, and Costas Pretenderis – Asimaki Gialamas.

The play:

Penni and Lykourgos are a well-to-do couple who live in a large provincial town in central Greece. They have a daughter, Lisa, who is studying in London. All their problems seem to be solved by living in the environment of neo-rich luxury and their dream is one: to see their only daughter restored with a good son-in-law! Polina, Peni’s sister, and her husband, Vassilis, live almost next to their house, in a similarly affluent environment. A few days before Easter, Lisa comes from London with her boyfriend, a young student, Alfred, whom she met in London. Lisa’s parents as well as her uncles are excited when they meet the handsome and kind young man. However, they will soon fall from the clouds when they find out that Alfred is not English, but Albanian!

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The multi-award winning musical that has been adored by millions of viewers around the world, for the show itself, but also for its favorite songs and has been recognized worldwide as the most entertaining feel good musical of all time, comes this summer, in text rendering, lyrics and direction by Themida Marcellou, at the CITY GARDEN FESTIVAL, which transforms into a beautiful summer square of a Greek island village, to welcome the audience!!

The lead role of Donna Sheridan will be performed by Nadia Kontogeorgi. With her in the role of Sam Carmichael, we will see Alexandros Bourdoumis, the debutante in the musical Aphrodite Liandou in the role of Sophie Sheridan, Giorgos Chraniotis in the role of Bill Austin, Ivan Svitailos in the role of Harry Bright, Doretta Papadimitriou in the role of Tanya , Penelope Anastasopoulou in the role of Rosie and Ian Stratis – Nikos Kirtsos in the role of Sky.
In Catherine Johnson’s sunny, happy and touching story set on a paradisiacal Greek island, Donna’s daughter Sophia is about to get married and needs to discover the unknown identity of her father…
Secretly reading her mother’s childhood diary, she realizes that she has 3 possible fathers whom she invites to her wedding to find out who is the real one… The continuation of the story is exciting and episodic, flooded with the songs and music of ABBA!

Love, joy, laughter, friendship and emotion are intertwined in a captivating story that, through ABBA’s lyrics and timeless music, excites the audience in a unique summer party!

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✔Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra (BGKO)


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A “multi culti” orchestra that mixes countries, cultures, peoples and civilizations, a band with Balkan and gypsy influences, the Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra.
BGKO is a collective of musicians from all over Europe who, based in Barcelona, ​​awaken the public’s interest in the traditional music of the Balkans, the Middle East and the Mediterranean coast, through their original arrangements.

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✔50th Book Festival in Zappeion


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The “Association of Book Publishers” organizes the “50th Book Festival” in Zappeion with tributes:
1. The Asia Minor Catastrophe as an element of identity in Greece today
2. Diversity and Racism
3. Iakovos Kampanelis

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Reggae, Punk, Rock, but also Funk! In a word FUNDRACAR!!! The only band whose material cannot be classified into any specific genre of music! Electric guitars, bass, electronic synths and human beatbox. And all this, based on the rhythm of the Drums, clothed with unexpected and subversive lyrics, creates a musical mixture that thrills you while at the same time making you think, amuses you while simultaneously draining you emotionally.

With medical doctor Mario (real name Daveli) and the collective of mental hospital food that accompany him in the studios and on the stages of the whole country, FUNDRACAR now counts 13 years since the first Single and 10 years since the first Album. They have performed live at some of the biggest music festivals in the country, in actions and self-organized Lives, while they have also set up their own concerts.

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✔The porter of the Night


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Directed by: Liliana Cavani

With: Dirk Bogard – Charlotte Rampling – Philippe Leroy

Mid 1950s, Vienna. The wife of a successful orchestra conductor, who was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp, realizes that her hotel doorman was her personal wartime torturer. However, the relationship that had developed between them was strongly sadomasochistic. In the present the relationship will be revived with the roles of perpetrator and victim alternating until the final collapse.
Along with Luchino Visconti’s “The Cursed”, “The Night Porter”, Liliana Cavani’s long-lost film, belongs to the first attempts of European art cinema to process the sexual-sadomasochistic dimension of Nazism.

Liliana Cavani’s The Gatekeeper remains a point of reference in the evolution of cinema, but also an object of reflection on the sexual relationship between body and politics, sexual desire and psyche.

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✔Maroussi Youth Festival


The first Youth Festival of the Municipality of Amarousi is a fact.
8 Lives
6 Street Food Canteens
Street Market

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The beloved Gadjo Dilo loyal to their date with the Athenian audience and the Roof Stage of Gazarte, continue to appear in the same place where they started 4 years ago and as can be seen from the love they receive from the audience, we will have fun with them for a long time to come!
Their special sound, “Manouche De Grec” as they call it, is a marriage of the musical tradition of gypsy jazz with the colors of Greek music. Gadjo Dilo’s passion always draws the audience to dance and sing along with them. They improvise, experiment and with songs from another era convey modern and hopeful messages to us!

Saturday 03 & 24 September Gadjo Dilo come with gypsy jazz mood and flavor of Greece!

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