Spilewski: “Very unhappy, I don’t know who is responsible but…”

Spilewski: “Very unhappy, I don’t know who is responsible but…”
Spilewski: “Very unhappy, I don’t know who is responsible but…”

Aris coach, Alexey Spilefksi, spoke at the press conference after his team’s 5-0 win over Olympiakos.

In detail what he said:

“Very important win, the game was over after 3-0 in the second half, after that I was not satisfied because there was anarchy. But it’s something I understand, it’s not normal to score five goals against a team that knows how to defend well, as we saw against Anorthiosi. We have to see the performance and how we will continue, I am satisfied with the result and we are waiting for the big game with APOEL.

I am very unhappy with Jave’s muscle injury because he was in great shape. He was crying in the locker room so I’m a little upset now. We have to talk about the state of the pitch, we saw how it was in the Apollon game with ENP and how it was today. We have very good players and we have to protect them. Last season he had a strange Stepinski injury. I don’t know who is responsible but it is unacceptable, people come and pay a ticket to enter. I am here to protect my players, I don’t know who is responsible to protect my players as well as the opponents. We played our European game in the Arena, the pitch was fantastic, here in Tsirio I can’t understand what’s going on, there are roots in the stadium.

We have seen at times that Kakorin has top quality in first contact, passing, shooting and dribbling, he is back in fitness but I am happy to have such a player at my disposal. I’m sure he’s hungry for more, his presence and experience will help the youngsters in our squad.

Unfortunately I only caught Stepinski for 3-4 games last season, he scored all the time and very nice goals. He has fantastic quality, I told the owner I would like to have him in the team. He has an unbelievable mentality, if you see how he is working with our trainer to get back he is giving everything to get back as soon as possible, he is a top signing and let’s not forget Yannick Gomis who is also on the way back, they are super aggressive and I’m glad to have them in the team”

The article is in Greek

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