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Which Google feature is Apple copying in its new update?

Which Google feature is Apple copying in its new update?
Which Google feature is Apple copying in its new update?

THE Apple announced the release of the new upgrade iOS 16 of its software, as well as everything new that will come with it, including a service that appears to be inspired by Google Maps.

The Apple Mapswith his coming iOS 16will allow users to add up to 15 stops on the route they want to follow in Apple Maps. THE Apple adopts one of the most convenient and useful functions her Googlein an effort to improve its products and services.

The upgrade is expected to be available in Septemberwith the feature already available on Beta version of the new software. According to Applethe way to apply poses is easy and quick, and doesn’t change much of how the app currently works.

These are the steps to follow if you wish to plan a route with multiple stops:

  • Open the Apple Maps app and enter your destination.
  • Press the ‘Instructions’ button
  • Select ‘Add stop’ and then enter the destination of your first stop. You can enter up to 15 stops, which can be restaurants, attractions, or other points of interest, or even addresses.
  • Press and hold the three horizontal lines to the right of the stops if you want to rearrange them.
  • To delete any stop, drag it from right to left, and press ‘Delete’.
  • When you have finished adding the desired stops, press the green ‘Start’ button to start your route.

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