“Dad stop let mom…”

“Dad stop let mom…”
“Dad stop let mom…”

Even in front of two minors their children (8 and 4 years old) beats her 29 year old Ariana her estranged (from March 2021) husband, with the little angels are closing their ears, to enter below from the table and shout “dad stop“…

This is one of the shocking descriptions made by abused woman who lives in Thessaloniki and utters another cry of anguish, as o 38 years old originally from Albania like herself, although she has been convicted eight times for domestic violencecontinues to roam free and attack her.

18 months ago the 29-year-old reached her limits (she said she has been hitting you since their eldest son was four months old) and reported the 38-year-old to the police and since then his convictions are as if they never happened, simply because appeals and remains free. Neither do they insurance measures against him they put a brake on violent behavior.

Ariana, who is watched by psychologistlike her children, spoke to Live News about her nightmare:

What a life… I have lived a black life. A black life me and my children… Ever since my son was four months old, he started hitting me, constantly, continuously, continuously… He didn’t stop in front of my children. Twice my son has saved my life. Twice my sister. Today I live for my children.

I remember twice he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up. My son was yelling “daddy please let mommy go”. Left me. I’ve been to the hospital twice. I fear for my life. I fear for my children. I’m afraid. I’m afraid I won’t be another woman who will be killed by her ex-husband. Wherever I go, I go with fear”.

The last time Ariana was beaten was on August 19 in a park and even in front of their children:

Around 20:30 I had gone with my children and a friend to the park to play. At 10pm, my ex-husband appeared in the park and aggressively came at me saying “why don’t you pick up the phone baby f*** your house”. I also told him not to deal with me and if he wants to hug the children and leave. Despite the fact that protective measures had already been filed, he approached again in a threatening manner. After hugging the children she turned back to me saying “take the children and go home now” in a fierce tone. I then went to call the police, he took my cell phone out of my hands and hit me. He cuffed my left cheek. As soon as my girlfriend called the police, my ex-husband started running in an unknown direction. Nine days later he came downstairs to my house and kept ringing the doorbell and wanting to come upstairs. Our children were away at a friend’s party. I immediately called 100 and at the sight of the patrol car he ran away».

The woman’s lawyer Thanasis Stylidis commented on the eight times the 38-year-old has been convicted, who, it should be noted, does not sign the divorce requested by the 29-year-old: “Formal penalties that are not implemented and remain only on paper and are not executed. We want the help of the state to not have the next victim of femicide here in Thessaloniki».

“These are all her lies”

The 38-year-old denies everything and declares that he wants her back despite what has happened…

I want to be with the children and with her. She is the mother of my children. She’s the one I married… Why should I hit her, man? These are all her lies. These are not true. She does these. Every now and then he comes and complains to me. Now lately he must have done it to me again. If I raised my hand, that is, if I teased my wife, something would have happened… you understand? These are all lies. She says, says, says, says… I’ve been to the courts so many times. Now about yesterday, I’m really telling you, I didn’t know that I had been convicted yesterday too…».

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