“After the attack, he was taking antidepressants”: What the complainant’s father said at the Filippidis trial

“After the attack, he was taking antidepressants”: What the complainant’s father said at the Filippidis trial
“After the attack, he was taking antidepressants”: What the complainant’s father said at the Filippidis trial

With his deposition father of the second complainant who accuses him Petros Filippidis for an attempt rape the 2010 in a theater dressing room, continues from morning n trial of the actor.

The witness, who learned about the alleged sexual assault against her his daughtera year ago, reported to bad psychological condition of his child to the point where he was getting antidepressants pills, while he was the one who urged her to follow through with her complaint.

“I was watching what was happening on TV. I took my daughter and told her that Mr. Filippidis has issues. And he told me that I am also one of the victims. I have hired a lawyer. At first I kind of saw it. Aesthetically, I didn’t like it. Not my daughter’s, the whole story. When I spoke to her and she told me what happened mainly after the incident I urged her to continue the complaintthe witness testified.

He then described how he introduced her his daughter to a friend of hiswho sent her with the resume of to Petros Filippidis.

“She made an appointment with Filippidis too she came back excited. He gave her some role, she would make a replacement in Thessaloniki. I think he told her he would promote her to Mega as well. He had also passed an audition from Mega and then they told her that they don’t take her».

Chairman: What did he tell you about the role in the theater?
Witness: She had come back excited, but after some time she said she didn’t get the part.
Chairman: Did he tell you why they didn’t take her?
Witness: No. She was sad, melancholy, she was reacting strangely. He was going somewhere and coming home. I turned to a psychiatrist colleague to help her. He examined her and gave her an anti-depressant. It took about 3 months. To help her, I sent her with a friend of mine to see shows in Epidaurus.

There she met him George Kimoulis. He wanted to do a show with young actors. I told them I would take over as a producer of the concept. And so it happened.”

Earlier, the friend of the second complainant addressing the accused actor shortly before concluding her statement said:

I am very sorry, Mr. Filippidis». And he from the defendant’s bench replied: “And I».

The witness was then asked what exactly his daughter told him regarding the sexual assault he is reporting:

“He told me that he tried to be innocent. That he tried to pull down her leggings. She reacted. She told me it was tough and left bruises on her body.’

Chairman: Did she tell you if the defendant tried to influence her television career?

Witness: She told me he was sexually harassing her over the phone. She told me that he told her “I do what I want, you will not go out to Mega again, if you change your mind you will see what I will do”. This goes to say that he told her that “you will never see your career as long as it goes through me”.

Chairman: Your relationship with your daughter during that time?

Witness: Our relations were very good.

Chairman: Why didn’t he tell you in 2010?

Witness: She was ashamed of what happened to her and of her profession. She didn’t want to degrade her space. If she told me, the first thing I would do would be to take her from this place.

The trial will continue on September 7.

The article is in Greek

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