Heating oil with a “fire” price from 1.60 euros – Over 150 euros per cubic meter of firewood

With electricity and natural gas prices on fire, consumers are looking for alternatives to heating with firewood. The price of heating oil is expected to rise this year, starting from 1.60 euros to 1.70 euros!

In any case, the winter will be difficult, especially when inflation continues to gallop and eat away at income.

The heating oil that will be available on October 15 is estimated to have a starting price of 1.60 to 1.70 euros, while last year it closed at 1.10 euros. At the same time, the soaring prices of natural gas are turning more and more people to firewood.

High demand for firewood

“There is a huge demand for firewood this year. The demand has started since June, with the quantities being increased. An average price is at 125 euros per cubic meter and the price reaches up to 150 euros per cubic meter for firewood”, traders report. For her part, however, the president of Attica gas sellers, Maria Zaga, notes that the price of heating oil may be higher compared to the previous year, but the prices of natural gas will make citizens use oil. “Those of us who have put in natural gas, we will not light it,” said Maria Zaga, speaking to SKAI, to add that she too will heat up either by buying firewood or by buying heating oil.

Heating oil

Turning households from heating with sources that consume electricity (air contition, electric stoves, halogen, etc.) to heating with oil is processed by the government. The plan reportedly includes as an incentive the provision of cheaper oil to those who express interest, so that there is also a parallel reduction in electricity consumption. It is estimated that it will affect approximately 1.5 million households. At the same time, planning for subsidy incentives for 700,000 households that only have a natural gas boiler is on the table.

And this is because heating oil is estimated to be cheaper than other forms of energy. Representatives of the gas station owners estimate that with the market data of the last few days, heating oil will premiere in mid-October with a price of around 1.60 euros per liter.

What the gas station owners say

At 1.70 euros per liter would be the price of heating oil, if its availability started from September 1, estimated speaking on the First Program of ERT, the president of the Federation of Gasoline Dealers of Greece, Michalis Kiousis. He asked for the Excise Tax to be reduced. As he characteristically said, “at least for as long as this global energy crisis lasts, let the Excise Tax on heating oil be reduced”.

“There must be a way out. Europe turned out to be too “small” and unprepared. In Greece, we must find immediate solutions, before it is too late. We must not wait for winter to come. We see that with today’s data heating oil will start at a price of 1.70 euros, a price that is prohibitive. There are no outlets for other cheaper energy products. Natural gas is more expensive, electricity is even more expensive, so we have to find a solution”, he underlined, explaining the reasons for sending a relevant letter to the Prime Minister, from the Federation.

“The relevant ministries under the prime minister must immediately think so that oil is more accessible to the consumer. It is a social good, not a luxury item to be overtaxed. The lower the price, the higher the consumption and the higher the public revenues”, added Mr. Kyousis, expressing doubts about the effectiveness of fuel pass subsidies.


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