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Brazil presidential election: Bolsonaro narrows lead over Lula

Brazil presidential election: Bolsonaro narrows lead over Lula
Brazil presidential election: Bolsonaro narrows lead over Lula

A lead of 13 percentage points over the current head of state ahead of the first round of presidential elections on October 2, maintains its 76-year-old former president Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

But the 67-year-old far-right president Zach Bolsonaro the decreased by two unitsaccording to a survey by the reference institute Datafolha that was made public yesterday Thursday.

According to this rolling poll, Lula is credited with the 45% of voting intentions (–2% from its previous version, on August 29), while Mr. Bolsonaro maintained his own percentage at 32% (unchanged).

The former president’s lead over the incumbent, which stood at 21 points in May, has not stopped shrinking. It reached 29 units in December.

In case it needs to be conducted Second round on October 30 Lula will win securing 53% to 38% of the Brazilian far-right leader. The centre-left leader’s lead ahead of a run-off has shrunk by 2 points in two weeks.

The Datafolia poll was conducted using the method of personal interviews among a representative sample of 5,734 voters on August 30 and September 1. The margin of statistical error is ±2%.

On Sunday, the two politicians appeared on televised debate together with four other candidates of the election.

The 67-year-old Bolsonaro put in “target» his 76-year-old political opponent, due to Lula’s conviction and imprisonment for corruption in 2018.

The scandal in question, dubbed “Car Wash Business“, referred to the state-owned oil giant Petrobas.

The Court of Appeal he later acquitted Lula and opened the way for his return to the country’s political scene.

“Why do you want to come back? To do the same to Petrobas?” Bolsonaro asked.

Lula responded immediately, accusing Bolsonaro of spreading lies.

He even said that Bolsonaro is trying to destroy the “legacy» her government of, which according to him helped tens of millions of people to come out from poverty.

The first round of elections in Brazil will be held on October 2 and in the event that none of the candidates manage to win 50%, there will be a second round on October 30.

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