BBC investigation: At least 6,024 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine

BBC investigation: At least 6,024 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine
BBC investigation: At least 6,024 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine

THE BBC Russian service and the website Mediazone recorded in collaboration with volunteers from open sources names of 6,024 Russian servicemen killed in the war in Ukraine.

Together with volunteers, journalists from the BBC’s Russian Service are compiling a list of Russian soldiers killed since the start of the military invasion of Ukraine.

These figures are based on announcements made publicly which include specific details of the servicemen killed, their full name, rank and burial location.

“Judging by the inscriptions on the tombstones and the date of the funeral, on average those killed in Ukraine are buried 14-20 days after their bodies arrive in Russia. However, in July and August there were several funerals of soldiers who had been killed three or even four months ago,” reports the BBC investigation.

Over the past two weeks, journalists have been informed that new graves have appeared in the Kaliningrad and Krasnodar regions, as well as in Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vibutakh.

The most servicemen killed in the war by region of Russia are from Dagestan (278 people), Buryatia (256) and the Krasnodar region (227 people).

For comparison, it is pointed out in the research, according to what has been known, that until today the dead military personnel from Moscow are only 15, although the population of Moscow corresponds to 9% of the population of Russia. In many regions of Russia, where the standard of living is low, military contract service is almost the only opportunity for a livelihood for young people.

Men from other post-Soviet republics are fighting and being killed in Ukraine with the Russian army. The BBC is aware of the deaths of at least 13 nationals of Kyrgyzstan, nine of Tajikistan, 12 of breakaway South Ossetia and one Moldovan national.

“Of the 6,024 Russian servicemen killed in Ukraine, 1,025, or 17%, are officers, including 4 generals and 35 colonels,” the survey points out.

Among all the armed forces, the infantry suffered the most casualties. Based on confirmed data as of September 2, “20% of all military personnel killed were serving in motorized rifle units,” while another 17% were serving in airborne forces.”

Information has also been confirmed so far about the death in Ukraine of at least four prisoners who had fought as members of Russian paramilitary units.

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