Four-wheeled “seagulls” that wrote history!

The doors that open upwards are not only an element of impressiveness from the respective designer but also have practical implications.

The image of a car whose doors open upwards is really special and obviously, first and foremost, it impresses as a feature.

Ever since the Mercedes doors, they gave the nickname “Gullwing” in the model that everyone remembers as such and not by its official name, this specific design feature became one of the most “dramatic” of the type. In the list below, we have the most impressive and distinctive cars with the specific “specialness”, in chronological order – something makes them even more interesting.

Mercedes 300SL- 1954

Her name is Mercedes 300SLNever named “Gullwing” from the factory but this is how it has remained in the history of motoring and is thus remembered. It is one supercar from the 50’s and the justification behind the use of doors that open upwards, was the need for very bulky sills which would support with sufficient torsional strength the needs of a very powerful car. The truth is, however, that from this application, car racing was also helped, since this is how the inspiration for this type of doors in the models that we see in the top categories of endurance racing came about.

De Tomaso Mangusta- 1967

In 1967, the De Tomaso presented her first supercar, which used this design feature not for the driver and passenger but for the mechanics to access the engine compartment. As these parts of the body were raised, o V8 of 4.7 liters from below came “on the plate” for the technicians to do the necessary operations and maintenance. The windows on the top of the engine cover allowed passersby to admire its engine Mongoose and let them trouble the driver by restricting his visibility to the rear.

Melkus RS 1000- 1969

Its low coupe body Melkus and its overall design required doors that allowed decent entry and exit from the car, which objectively there weren’t many different options for the designers. The body from fiberglass took care of limiting the total weight and thus the performance of the small sports car from the East Germany, were satisfactory despite the 992 cc. of the two-stroke engine (you guessed it, from Wartburg). The output reached 68 hp and the top speed 166 km/h, thanks also to the aerodynamic shape of the small body.

Mercedes C111- 1970

THE Mercedes constructed 16 original C111s but again, it cannot be considered production. As a prototype, the C111 was created to test the new technology and this included among other things the doors that open upwards. The C111 it was his design work Friedrich Geiger and doors were a key part of the design, though their existence was not was imposed out of some technical necessity but only to attract the attention of journalists and visitors to the exhibitions where the car was presented. What did not help the evolution of the prototype into a production model at all, was that the time it was presented was just before the worldwide energy crisis and the C111 was provided with one Wankel engine that…had increased fuel requirements.

Aston Martin Bulldog- 1979

THE William Towns designed this special shape on her behalf Aston Martinwanting to give another extension to their design supercars, deliberately staying “away” from the standards defined by the curves. THE Towns after all, he is considered one of the devotees of the evolution of the “wedge” shape, so he was also the most suitable to present its prototype Aston Martin. The “upward” doors enabled the designer to give the Bulldog a very sharp angle on the side windows, while equally impressive is the way the doors “hug” the sides of the car. Behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats, there is one twin turbo V8 engine with capacity 5.3 liters and performance 700 horsepower.

DeLorean DMC-12- 1981

The bare aluminum of the body was probably not enough to impress and thus in its design DeLorean DMC-12, the doors that open upwards also “entered”. The great advantage of the model was its price, which despite the appearance that refers to a supercar, was very low. Of course, this was also a result of the “poor” choices in terms of mechanical parts and performances that offered the model, which had many reliability issues from the beginning of its commercial course. The performances were – indulgently – average, due to the power of the just 130 hp of the V6 engine with the capacity of 2.8 literswhile the image of the car on the road was average, despite the fact that the “setup” of the model had her hand Lotus.

Gumpert Apollo- 2005

THE Roland Gumpert he had a unique vision of the perfect car and in it were “inside” the doors of the kind that refer to motor racing. It can Apollo to look like a car designed for endurance racing, but when it was presented, it stole the show and everyone was looking forward to it in the form that would give it type approval for circulation on public roads. THE 4.2 liter V8 which comes from Audi, takes care of the power supply that reaches 640 hp and which is enough to accelerate from a standstill Apollo up to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

Mercedes SLS-2010

THE Mercedes tried to recreate some of his iconic image “Gullwing” and in 2010 it introduced a coupe with doors that open respectively. THE SLS however, it made things difficult for the driver and passenger, as it required a special “stretch” to grip the door and enough force to swing it, even though there was assistance from shock absorbers. The profile of the model “justified” having an electrical engineer to operate the doors but the Mercedes he refused to offer such a thing considering that his increase total weight from the mechanisms, it would be too long. It was of little importance, however, since the car was considered quite successful by friends of the brand and in general.

Pagani Huayra – 2012

After the impressive Zonda everything would obviously be more difficult for her Pagani in order to impress. And yet, with Huayra The Horacio Pagani he managed even more. Undeniably more elegant than the previous model, the Huayra it’s also stronger, faster and easier to drive demandingly. Apart from everything else, it is also the car that took the idea of ​​doors that open upwards to another level, with the ease of entering and exiting the cabin, be an example for others to follow manufacturers who want to insist on this type of doors in their models.

Tesla Model X – 2015

It is unusual to find this type of door in a car aimed at families rather than owners supercars. However, the advantage offered by this particular option is significant in terms of convenience of rear seat passenger access. Villages where it is even more impressive that these doors in Model X they open electrically and create a kind of dance that one can sit and watch with interest. In the model softwareanyway a program is included based on which the car using and them front power doors but also all the lights, presents a “show” under them sounds of music heard from the audio system.

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