European stock markets: “Red” week with losses of more than 5%

European stock markets: “Red” week with losses of more than 5%
European stock markets: “Red” week with losses of more than 5%

With a strong fall of 5.48%, the stock market the week ending, retreating towards the levels of 840 points, amid a negative climate in international markets and amid a climate of concern created by the increases in interest rates by central banks and the risk of recession.

The aggressive speech of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powellon inflation, and then statements by central bankers on both sides of the Atlantic about the need for large increases in interest rates in order to put a brake on the inflationary rally, have caused strong tremors in the international stock markets.

The new jump in inflation in Eurozone to 9.1%, reinforced expectations that next week’s rate hike by the ECB will be more aggressive at 75 basis points, instead of 50 points as in July.

In the last session of the week, European markets reacted strongly, after completing five bearish sessions – a reaction that the domestic market failed to follow.

Stock markets are also negatively affected by the image of the bond market, as the international bond market has entered a bear market after four decades.

O General Price Index it closed the week at 844.78 points, down from 893.74 points last week, down 5.48%, and down 5.44% year-to-date.

The index of high capitalization FTSE/ASE 25 closed the week with a drop of 5.98%, while since the beginning of 2022 it has recorded losses of 5.57%. The index FTSE MID CAP closed down 4.38% and since the beginning of the year is down 10.37%.

The banking index closed the week with a fall of 7.70%, while since the beginning of the year it has fallen to a rate of 5.88%.

The total value of transactions in this week’s sessions was €344.687 million, while the average value of transactions was €68.937 million, up from €53.702 million last week.

The total market capitalization this week decreased by 3.228 billion euros and stood at 61.295 billion euros, while since the beginning of the year it is reduced by 4.797 billion euros.

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