Patras – “Agios Andreas”: Appeal of employees for not attending the Hospital

Patras – “Agios Andreas”: Appeal of employees for not attending the Hospital
Patras – “Agios Andreas”: Appeal of employees for not attending the Hospital

The unabated attendance of citizens in the Emergency Departments of the hospitals of Patras, activated the Workers’ Unions as well as the POEDIN who yesterday had meetings with the administrations of the hospitals and the Health Region.

The newspaper “Peloponnisos” highlighted the issue with its continuous reporting in the past period, with the medical staff appealing to the citizens not to come to the off-call hospitals except for emergencies.

“After the incident with the 49-year-old in “Agios Andreas”, citizens go to any hospital that suits them. The day before yesterday, a citizen who had stepped on an urchin in the sea went to “Agios Andreas” on an off-duty day to have its spines removed. When he was told he was not on duty, he began assaulting the staff. These are unacceptable things. The most urgent case will of course go to the nearest hospital, but for the urchin spines?’ the representative of POEDIN told “P”, Michalis Giannakoswho came to Patras yesterday.

Himself, as well as the Costas Petropoulos and Christos Sougleris of “Agios Andreas”, call on citizens not to rush to hospitals without an urgent reason.

“The day before yesterday, when our hospital was not on duty, 37 people came to the emergency room. In fact, they mentioned that they knew he was not on duty, but that was convenient for them. This is impermissible. The doctors on call at the off-call hospitals are for the patients. Only the ultra-urgent case is justified to go to an off-call hospital” says Mr. Sugleris.

Return of those suspended

The second issue raised by the hospital trade unionists is the return of suspended health personnel.

“Yesterday the colleagues outside the hospitals completed one year. It’s unfair what’s happening. Even those who commit felonies get 50% of their salary. Colleagues who are essential to the system and have supported it are unpaid for one year. On the one hand we ask for their return and on the other hand, until that happens, we ask that they be paid 50% of their wages. Moreover, this is also dictated by the decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Patras concerning a doctor, who was suspended and appealed claiming her salary” adds Mr. Giannakos.

Signatures for the return of the nurse

Dozens of signatures were collected by the health staff of “Agios Andreas” and sent to the administration of the 6th Health Region with a request “to restore administrative and moral order”.

Their request concerns the revocation of the dismissal of the specialist nurse who was in the Emergency Department of the Hospital on the fateful night when 49-year-old Theodoros Nemoutianos died. As the signatories state in their letter, it is unfair to punish only one trainee who had no involvement in the incident and all the others, including the commander whose resignation the minister requested, should be in their positions.

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