Roula Pispirigou: The medical examiners of Kalogria are testifying today

Continuation today Friday in the cycle of depositions for the deaths of the two youngest children of Roula Pispirigou, 3.5 year old Malena and 6 month old Iris.

The coroners Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias are taking the baton today, who concluded that the death of the two children was due to suffocation.

Already yesterday, the cycle of depositions in the case with accused Roula Pispirigou was opened by the medical examiner Christina Tsakona and pathologist Christos Eftychiadis. In their three-hour testimony, the witnesses were asked to answer clarifying questions regarding their conclusions regarding the deaths of the two youngest children of the Daskalakis family.

Christina Tsakona is the one who drew up the initial forensic report on the death of 3.5-year-old Malena, while the pathologist Christos Eftychiadis did the histological re-evaluation of the deaths of Malena and 6-month-old Iris in the context of the new forensic report that bears the signature of Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrias.

According to information, in their statements, they will refer to their conclusion, which found the cause of death of the two children to be the suffocation mechanism, which is confirmed by abrasions on the groin and an impression on the right cheek during the postmortem examination of Malena Daskalaki during the review of the photos, but also the “damages caused in life to the oral mucosa/upper lip of the mouth during the post-mortem examination of Iris Daskalakis and the overview of the photos in combination with the found cloth that carried a sufficient amount of blood”.

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