“I had an accident on board and could have been killed”

Sotiris Tsafoulias gave an interview and talked about the studies he was about to start, but also the time he worked alongside his father on the ships.

The director was a guest on the show “Studio 4” and initially said: “I was quite young and I didn’t have a conscience. It got to the point where I went to my father’s office one day and while there was an answer from the university in England and they accepted me because of good marks in the second year, I told him that I was thinking of not going to follow the work on the ships.

“We experienced a pretty big storm when we went to dock a ship in Bulgaria. I had an accident. “When we did the repair, because of a blackout, I could have been killed, but I wasn’t.” As he described, a small carelessness of the crew almost led to his death. “They had cut off a piece of the ship to repair it, but due to the blackout, they hadn’t had time to mark it. Everything happened in our effort to collect the tools. Fortunately, I was saved at the last moment”, explained Sotiris Tsafoulias.


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