South Africa: 21 young people die of suffocation in a bar

South Africa: 21 young people die of suffocation in a bar
South Africa: 21 young people die of suffocation in a bar

South African health authorities today informed the families of 21 young men who died under mysterious circumstances in June in an illegal bar that their deaths were attributed to “asphyxiation”.

“They called the 21 families to tell us what happened. Now we are told it was a case of suffocationsaid the father of one of the victims, Xolani Malangeni. “Previously, we were told it was poisoning. It’s wrong,” he added, visibly angry.

His daughter, Esinako Sanarhana, 17, died on the night of June 25-26 at the popular Enyobeni bar in the seedy East Landon neighborhood of Scenery Park. The victims were all young people, aged between 14 and 20.

The Eastern Cape provincial health ministry confirmed to AFP that it had called the families to update them on the developments. But he did not mention the cause of death, citing the “privacy” of personal data.

Most of the bodies were found on the morning of June 26 inside the bar and had no obvious injuries. Authorities ruled out the possibility that they were trampled by the crowd. Survivors said they felt a “strong smell” and people fell to the floor. A total of 31 people were taken to hospitals with symptoms including vomiting, headaches and bone and chest pains.

The other families also confirmed that they were informed that the death of their children was attributed to suffocation. In no family toxicology test results were not provided. “They told us that if we want them, we should go to court to ask for them,” Malangeni said.

The results of the first toxicology tests, in July, showed that his blood alcohol and carbon monoxide levels were well below lethal levels. Traces of methanol they were also found in the blood of some.

Most of the victims were students celebrating the end of the exam period.

The owner of the bar was arrested for selling alcohol to minors. In South Africa, the consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 18 is prohibited.

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