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“Sasmos”: Mathios’ relationship with Vasiliki is shaking!

“Sasmos”: Mathios’ relationship with Vasiliki is shaking!
“Sasmos”: Mathios’ relationship with Vasiliki is shaking!

What will happen to the lives of the other heroes?

Mathios Stamatakis (Dimitris Lalos): He is always burdened by the murder of Stefanis and is free thanks to the silence of the cowardly Manolis. He managed to escape from the clutches of Fragiadakis, who has never stopped suspecting him. He persuaded Nikiforos to marry his mother, Vasiliki, and is arrested on the day of his wedding, for a murder he did not commit, of Angelos, who Kostas has killed. His mother’s sacrifice shocks him, but his relationship with Vasiliki and Nikiforos seems to be shaken, with his decision to take the vendetta with the Vroulakides to extremes. In his path comes a very capable secret policeman, Lefteris Orphanos (Giorgos Gerontidakis), determined to do everything to solve the murder of Stefanis…

Vasiliki (Marilita Lampropoulou): Once again happiness slips through her fingers. Although Mathios is arrested for the murder of Angelos, he stands by his side, just as he stands by Calliope when she confesses to a murder she did not commit, even though the “captain” tolerates her by force. At the same time, he also has to manage Nikiforos, who, with the arrest of Mathios, once again sees his “stables” collapse.

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