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Today’s proceedings of the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament provided a foretaste of what will follow in the investigation committee on the wiretapping, where essentially no answers were given by those who were called to answer from their authority on the reasons for monitoring Nikos Androulakis.

Intensity with good morning

In this context, the opposition’s fight with the government for an attempted cover-up will continue and intensify, as shown by the reactions caused on the morning of the opening of the Institutions and Transparency Committee’s proceedings regarding the hearing process of the former and current administrators of the EYP , but also of other persons who were involved in its operation.

The closed-door meeting of the Institutions and Transparency committee lasted for about eleven hours (from 10 am to about 9 pm) in the presence of the Minister of State Giorgos Gerapetritis.

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Finally, after a lot of tension and after differentiating himself from the government majority (who wanted the hearing to be held in the presence of all the guests in the room without the possibility for the MPs to come back to their questions), Kostas Tzavaras decided to hold the hearing of the guests in two groups.

In the first, the former governors of EYP participated: Panagiotis Kontoleon (2019-2022), Yiannis Roubatis (2015-2019), Thodoros Dravillas (2012-2015) and the former general secretary of the Prime Minister Grigoris Dimitriadis.

In the second group, the current commander of the EYP Themistocles Demiris, the EYP supervising prosecutor of the Athens Appeals Vasiliki Vlachou, the prosecutor of the Athens Appeals Konstantinos Tzavellas and the president of the Independent Privacy Assurance Authority Christos Rammos were heard together.

Privacy clause

According to information, both the former general secretary of the prime minister, Grigoris Dimitriadis, and the dismissed commander of the EYP, Panagiotis Kontoleons, invoked confidentiality and did not give answers that would satisfy all the parliamentarians – members of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency on the issue of wiretapping.

According to the same information, the former commander of the EYP Panagiotis Kontoleon is reported to have said that the prime minister or his office were never informed of decisions to declassify communications, adding that updates were made through official memos on the results of investigations only if this was deemed necessary.

The same sources claim that he refused to refer to the Androulakis case even as to whether the specific file has been destroyed as claimed by publications citing the confidentiality clause.

The director of the EYP (2015 – 2019) Yiannis Roubatis reportedly stated to the members of the Institutions and Transparency Committee that there was never any monitoring of political figures in SYRIZA.

Dimension between Demir and Condoleon

The commander of the EYP Themistoklis Demiris denied the reports that speak of a recent operation of massive destruction of surveillance material by the EYP. However, he said that if nothing comes of a follow-up then the material is destroyed after a certain period of time.

According to other information, Mr. Demiris appears to have testified to the Institutions and Transparency Committee that he has informed the Prime Minister about the legal affiliations of the EYP. According to SYRIZA, this exposes Mr. Mitsotakis for what he stated in the Parliament about whether a prime minister should know about the monitoring carried out by the EYP, while at the same time this position of Mr. Demiri also conflicts with what he stated earlier Mr. Kontoleon, that he never informed the prime minister about the legal connections.

Ignorance of the meetings in Perissos

According to information, the three former commanders of the EYP (Kondoleon, Roubatis and Dravilas) declared ignorance about the “hearings” – wiretapping at the telephone center of the headquarters of the Central Committee of the KKE in Perissos.

The prosecutor of the EYP Vasiliki Vlachou, according to what she allegedly testified to the Institutions and Transparency Committee, said that the monitoring of Nikos Androulakis had the signatures of five executives of the EYP. Recently, he had rejected over 140 related requests for monitoring and underlined that in order for such a request to proceed, five signatures are needed, speaking of a “substantial control” of the requests.

Indicative of the whole climate within the committee is the fact that – according to all information – the ND MPs reminded the respondents that they can invoke the confidentiality of the answers they would give them, while in their statements to the television cameras after the end of the meeting, the representatives of SYRIZA, PASOK-KINAL and KKE denounced the MPs of the governing majority for an attempted cover-up.

Attempt to cover up and wash out by the majority

SYRIZA’s rapporteur Giorgos Katrougalos stated characteristically:

“As we predicted, the desperate attempt to cover up and wash away the personal political responsibilities of Mr. Mitsotakis also continued in the institutions committee.

“While the government had previously announced that answers would be given to this body that exercises control over the EYP, under the guise of secrecy all government officials, former and present, who were present refused to give any clarification for reasons of national security, thus, which led to the monitoring of Mr. Androulakis or for any other matter that was put to them.

“This despite the fact that the president of ADAE and the previous governors of the EYP during the Samara-Venizelou and SYRIZA governments clearly stated that they consider that confidentiality cannot be invoked for any question raised within the framework of the institutions committee and gave a categorical answer that during their days there were no monitoring of politicians, contrary to the evasions of the current EYP officials or those who exercise control over it.

“For this reason, we requested a vote in the institutions committee to clarify the exact interpretation of article 43 A which allows the control of the EYP and we stated, in fact with a statement by Mr. Voutsis, when the chairman of the Committee refused to put vote on the issue, that we will proceed with a statement of denunciation of what we consider to be attempts to cancel and undermine the parliamentary process and especially the institutions committee in the context of the general cover-up attempt”.

Grief – Fortified behind the principle of secrecy

PASOK – KINAL MP Haris Kastanidis pointed out:

“I express my deep sadness for what unacceptable happened to the Institutions and Transparency Committee under the sole responsibility of the government. Fortified behind the principle of confidentiality, which does not apply to the Institutions and Transparency Committee, those present for the hearing refused to provide any information on the cases that have scandalously unfolded in recent months and concern the President of PASOK, the journalist Mr. Koukakis , as well as the monitoring of the KKE call center.

“They denied any information in violation of the Constitution and the law, while the Prime Minister himself, as well as government officials, assured that they want full light to be shed on this case. But how can a lot of light be shed, when they all come together in one line and behind the secrecy that does not apply, I repeat against the Institutions and Transparency Committee, they refuse to provide any information? This is an operation to cover up huge responsibilities.”

Full coverage

KKE MP Manolis Syntyhakis stated:

“The government and the governing majority in the context of the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee essentially chose to cover up the whole issue. All former and current government officials invoked confidentiality. We raised the issue: everything in the light. Full transparency. The Minutes in public. One-on-one examination. And by topic. Androulakis, intercepted meetings in the KKE, journalists. They denied it. Everyone’s attitude was a complete cover-up. Privacy. We made it clear that everything must be disclosed now and not only that. To reveal all the dark and dangerous institutional framework for which all the previous governments who passed these laws and institutional framework are responsible. For the meetings of the KKE, neither the former nor the current one took a position. On the contrary, they underestimate and devalue the issue of consensus.

“In any case, the KKE will fight within the Institutions and Transparency Committee and the Investigative Committee so that the knife reaches the bone. We have no illusions about how far the case will go, but in any case we will fight this battle and above all out to the people.”


The KKE, in addition to the issue of “collusions” – wiretapping in its telephone center, according to information, repeated a series of other questions that it has been asking since the beginning, such as whether the purchase of a new system with software that provides the ability to be monitored had been launched popular applications such as Viber, Messenger, etc.

Whether the procurement of special software from Israel had been considered, whether the procurement of the “Predator” system was in the intention and finally whether or not this “market research” was completed by the ND government.

In addition, he allegedly addressed a series of questions related to the Directorate of Information Management and Analysis (DIDAP),

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