And a third death from pneumonia of “unknown origin”

Three people have died since Monday in Tucuman, northwestern Argentina, due to an acute pneumonia of “unknown cause”. All the cases have occurred in the same clinic and doctors have so far ruled out that these patients contracted Covid-19 or the flu.

In total there are nine cases: eight members of the medical and nursing staff of the private clinic San Miguel de Tucuman and one patient who was hospitalized in the ICU. All of them showed symptoms between August 18-23, as reported today by the Minister of Health of this province, Luis Medina Ruiz.

Two members of the medical and nursing staff died on Monday and Wednesday, while today a 70-year-old woman succumbed, who had undergone surgery and was being treated at the clinic. The patient underwent gall bladder surgery and then entered the operating room two more times. Soon after, he developed a lung infection, almost simultaneously with the onset of symptoms in the other patients. According to the minister, the possibility is being considered that this woman was “patient zero”.

“So far, we have found nothing to explain the causes of the outbreak. That’s why we don’t even know its evolution,” added Ruiz.

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