The “black hole” that disappears the Russian oligarchs – The 10th dead

The “black hole” that disappears the Russian oligarchs – The 10th dead
The “black hole” that disappears the Russian oligarchs – The 10th dead

The 67-year-old chairman of the Board of Directors of the second largest Russian oil producer Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, was found dead. He fell from the window of the hospital where he was being treated in Moscow, under unclear circumstances. Russian media reported the news of his death, while Lukoil issued a statement in which it spoke of a “serious illness”:

“We regret to announce that Ravil Maganov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC LUKOIL, has passed away after a serious illness.”

He is not the first Russian oligarch to die in 2022. There have been 9 more deaths.

Yuri Voronov
Yuri Voronov, a well-known businessman in Russia, was found dead in the pool of his villa a few kilometers outside St. Petersburg in early July. According to the British Daily Mail, Voronov had been fatally shot and was found floating in his swimming pool. He was 61 and head of a logistics company that provided services to the Russian oil company Gazprom in the Arctic.

Alexander Shubotin

43-year-old Alexander Shubotin, former top executive of Lukoil, was found dead under mysterious circumstances on May 10. The oligarch was found dead in the basement of a shaman’s house, used for voodoo ceremonies, in the city of Mitschi, northwest of Moscow, and reportedly suffered a heart attack.

Sergey Protosenia

At the end of April, the Russian tycoon and former CEO of Russia’s natural gas company, Novatec, 55-year-old Sergey Protosenia, was found dead, along with his wife Natalya and their 18-year-old daughter. The news was broadcast by Spain’s local television channel, Telecinco. Knife wounds were found on the bodies of the mother and daughter, while the father was found hanging in the garden of the house, during the family’s Easter holidays.

Vladislav Avayev

Former vice president of Gazprombank, a subsidiary of Russian energy giant Gazprom, Vladislav Avayev, his wife and 13-year-old daughter were found dead on April 18. All three were found with gunshot wounds. It is alleged that he shot his wife and daughter before killing himself, according to the prevailing version of the police. His apartment was locked from the inside, according to TASS.

Vasily Melnikov

Billionaire Vasily Melnikov, head of MedStom, was found dead in an expensive apartment in Nizhny Novgorod on March 23, next to his wife Galina and their two young sons, aged 10 and 4, according to Kommersant newspaper. She was allegedly stabbed to death. It is believed that he also killed his family and committed suicide.

Michael Watford

Ukrainian-born oligarch Mikhail Watford was found hanged in the garage of his home in Surrey, England, on February 28, according to the BBC. Watford, 60, was born in the then-Soviet Ukraine and made his fortune in oil and gas. He moved to the UK in the early 2000s with his Estonian wife. Surrey Police said at the time that the circumstances of his death were not suspicious.

Alexander Tyuliakov

On February 25, Alexander Tyuliakov, 61, an executive at energy giant Gazprom, was also found hanged in the garage of his St. Petersburg home, according to Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Police said they found a note next to it. However, in a report at the time, the newspaper reported that Tyulakov had been badly beaten on the eve of his death.

Leonid Shulman

At the end of January, a month before the invasion of Ukraine, Leonid Shulman, also a high-ranking executive at Gazprom, was found dead in his summer house. He also allegedly committed suicide and a suicide note was found, in which he even said that he did not want to be a burden to his family. He was on sick leave due to a leg injury.

Andrei Krukovsky

There is also the case of Andrei Krukovsky, a Gazprom resort manager, who reportedly died after falling off a cliff in Sochi in May. He was 37 years old. According to Kommersant, Krukovsky had gone hiking.

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