Poll: How much was the government hurt by the wiretapping, what is the difference between ND and SYRIZA

Hurt by the wiretapping scandal, but dominant in the political scene, New Democracy appears in a new Metron Analysis poll. A survey that shows more or less the same data as other companies’ recently published surveys.

The poll presented on Mega’s main news bulletin with Rania Tzima and analyzed by Metron Analysis president and CEO Stratos Fanaras and Yiannis Pretenderis has some very important findings.

It is worth noting that it is the third survey of public opinion on current affairs, presented in a few days and recording the developments after the wiretapping case.

So, according to the poll presented by Mega, New Democracy receives a percentage of 27.6% in the vote intention, from 28.9% in June, i.e. having a loss of 1.3 points. SYRIZA gets a percentage of 20.2%, at almost the same levels as in June (20.1%), that is, it gains nothing from the extremely difficult period in which the ruling party finds itself.

The difference between the two parties falls to 7.4 points, from 8.8 points in June, as a result of the ND’s decline.

In third place is PASOK with 12.7% and an increase of 0.4 points from the previous measurement (12.3% in June). It is followed by the KKE with 6.1% (from 5.6%), MeRA25 which rises to 4% from 3.3%, Hellenic Solution which falls to 3.4% from 3.7%.

At 1.6% is National Creation and Kasidiaris’ party, Hellenes (up from 2.3% in June).

The undecided vote reaches 12.3%.

As for the vote estimate, i.e. the estimate of party percentages without including the undecided vote (i.e. excluding responses such as “I haven’t decided yet”, “I don’t know”, “I don’t answer”, “Invalid”, “White”) , there is some important information.

Here ND rises to 34.1% from 39.9% in the parliamentary elections and SYRIZA to 24.9% from 31.5% in 2019. The difference is 9.2 points. PASOK goes to 15.7%, almost doubling its percentage compared to the 2019 election result.

It is followed by KKE with 7.5%, MeRA25 with 4.9%, Hellenic Solution with 4.2% and National Creation and the Hellenes party with 2%.

The interesting thing is that the ND at the lower limit can reach 31.2% while at the upper limit it reaches 37%, i.e. close to self-sufficiency.

SYRIZA can range from 22.2% to 27.6%, and PASOK from 13.4% to 18%.

The blow of wiretapping

The wiretapping affair, when seen in the other metrics, did damage to the government. Damage, however, not so great that it can overturn the political scene, at least for the time being. When asked if the prime minister knew about the monitoring of N. Androulakis’s phone, 6 out of 10 Greeks (61%) say that this was a choice he was aware of.

In other words, a large part of society does not believe in the assurances of Kyriakos Mitsotakis that he did not know.

Just 28% say it’s an isolated mistake while 1% say it’s a common tactic and 10% don’t know, don’t answer.

By generation, the ages 26-41 (millenians) at a rate of 71% do not believe the prime minister, followed by the age group of Generation Z (17-25) with a rate of 66%.

Problems and evaluation

60% believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction and 33% in the right direction.

The most important problem at this time is considered by Greeks to be the economy, along with accuracy, with a percentage of 27%. It goes without saying that in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis and inflation explosion, the fact that 54% put the economy and accuracy as the top problems.

This is of course followed by the energy crisis with 13%, from just 3% in June (a big increase), unemployment with 7%, foreign policy and war with 7% and politicians – political system with 5%,

Evaluating the government, 56% judge it negatively and 35% positively. The prime minister is evaluated negatively by 54% and positively by 38%.

What is seen personally for the prime minister is that the center-right (71 out of 79) and the right-wing (63 out of 66) have deteriorated after the wiretapping scandal, but there is also a drop in centrists.


When asked whether we should go to early elections or not, 58% say the government should finish its term and 39% that polls should be held. It goes without saying that the centre-right and the right do not want elections now (15 and 21 respectively).


The rallies of the first two parties are low. New Democracy has a rally of 69.6% with 5.5% moving to SYRIZA, while the official opposition party has a rally of 62.4%, so there is still a lot of margin, with 6.1% moving to the ND.

PASOK shows high rally rates with 76.9% and the movements of supporters towards it are more than SYRIZA (9.8%) than ND (6.6%).

The article is in Greek

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