She was bitten by a spider and covered in bruises – ‘I looked like I’d just survived a car accident’

A woman from Britain she was taken to the hospital when she started showing strange bruises on her body because her it stung a spiderwith doctors initially believing that he had just survived a car accident.

According to, the 43-year-old Tracy Keeble she had walked Dottie’s dog and when they got home she noticed a red rash on her leg. She herself didn’t pay much attention, she just covered the specific part with an ointment, because she thought she was stung by an ant.

Tracy Keeble

However, within a few weeks the redness turned to bruising and bruises and strange marks began to spread all over her body. So she went to the hospital, with the doctors in shock, with herself noting that “they told me i looked like i had just survived a car accident. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing».

I thought I would have to lose a leg or something like that, I was really terrified,” she said, with doctors saying she probably did this is a black widow bitea species of spider that is 230 times stronger than any other species found in Britain and can successfully take on even a bat.

The pains, the healing and the new fear

Tracy Keeble reported to Britain’s The Sun, that since then she has been dealing with excruciating pain, especially in her legs, where most of the bruises are located. Yes, for more than five weeks he could not sleepto the point where it hurt if he put a sheet over her.

In fact, a month after the bite, the signs have started to gradually subside, but the pain remains, with the doctors having suggested a new round of tests. “They can’t say for sure, but they think the sting has caused something else. I have blood tests for rheumatoid and muscle infection“, she says about the state of her health.

She is now on antibiotics, while avoiding strenuous activities and clothing that may constrict her even slightly, such as jeans. He also mentioned that he acquired a new fear, specifically of spiders. “I used to see a spider and pick it up with a piece of paper. Now I’m yelling at my son to kill her“, he said and added that “the doctors said they had never seen anything like this before. I feel like I’m going to be in a textbook soon.”

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