The most “unbelievable” comments on the Karamanlis intervention: What did Loverdos,…

The most “unbelievable” comments on the Karamanlis intervention: What did Loverdos,…
The most “unbelievable” comments on the Karamanlis intervention: What did Loverdos,…

Many reactions, inside and outside New Democracy, were caused by the loud intervention of Kostas Karamanlis on the wiretapping scandal. Although today Thursday both sides tried to downplay the issue, it is obvious that the phrases used by the former prime minister were very strictleaving open the possibility – although he characterized it as beyond any limit of political nonsense – that the monitoring of Nikos Androulakis was known to the government.

The most fanatical commentators on social media remembered the responsibilities of Kostas Karamanlis for the bankruptcy, others recalled the events of December 2018 when, with Prokopis Pavlopoulos as Minister of the Interior, the government left Athens in the throes of chaos and others remembered Karamanlis’ relations with Moscow. The most fanatical tried to accuse Kostas Karamanlis of “playing the game of SYRIZA”.

Among the most improbable comments written about the intervention of Kostas Karamanlis is definitely the comment of Andreas Loverdos, who “saw” behind Karamanlis’ reference to the wiretapping scandal, the revival of the legendary Karamanlis alliance with SYRIZA:

“The country paid dearly for the Tsipras-Karamanlikon front. Too many citizens are calling me worried. I reassure them. This story is not going to be repeated even as a prank,” wrote Andreas Loverdos.

Finger of Tsipras or finger of Moscow

The journalist Yannis Kurtakis of the newspaper Parapolitika, saw behind the speech of the former prime minister…a finger of Moscow.

However, no one should overlook the timeless relationship between Karamanlis and the Russian factor. And he is certainly not overlooked by those who know him. The rest is for passing the time with mantinades and ribs. And in order to maintain Tsiprokaramanism karamanli .

From the side of Elena Akritawrote that Karamanli’s intervention is making history in the internal parties of New Democracy:

“Koureli was made beautiful by Kostas Karamanlis in his speech today. Fapa who writes History in the internal parties of the ND and not only.”

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