USA: Tragic death for little girl – She was in a car for seven hours

Another child met a tragic death in the USA after being inside a car for many hours, he could not stand the high temperature and as a result he lost his life.

According to the Daily Mail, the two-year-old girl was in a car parked on the street next to his family’s home in New Jersey. The unfortunate girl was spotted by a neighbor of the family, who called an ambulance. Unfortunately, the little girl went into cardiac arrest and CPR was attempted, but it was too late.

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The police informed the parents

The Police knocked on the door of the house and informed the parents about the tragedy. Witnesses said the parents were screaming in pain when they realized their little girl was missing inside the vehicle.

The child is the 22nd to die in the U.S. this year from being abandoned in a car, four of which happened in one week in August.

“Every parent has made mistakes, no matter what it looks like. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes end in tragedy and none of us expect that,” said a mother who lost her 20-month-old daughter in the same tragic way.

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